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This is for “Bubby”

at RockDem.   Although it probably applies to all of their contributors.


How beauty has “evolved” over this century

Time for a little Robert Stacy McCain (and SMITTYYYYYYY) “Rule 5” action.

Were women just uglier back near the turn of the century? Or did the really beautiful women just not enter the contests?  Maybe they were too busy hoeing out in “the back 40”? Or maybe since many married at age 14 all the beautiful women were already married before they were old enough to enter the beauty contests?  


"1st Miss World 1920s" (or so the photo caption says)


1921 Miss America (the first year of that contest) Margaret Gorman

Must see pictorial

Photographs from before a G.I. got inducted into army, through training and deployment in Iraq, until back home and married.