Daily Archives: November 23, 2009

CNN fact checks latest SNL skit about Obama

CNN assigned 19 fact checkers to set the record straight about the latest Saturday Night Live skit about the pretend live press conference between Pres. Obama and Jintao.

CNN chastized SNL for the following factual errors.  The U.S. national debt owed to China is not “800 Trillion”, it is actually more than that.  Several billion more.  And it isn’t really true that the Stimulus Bill did not create any jobs.  In fact, several jobs were created in New Hampshire’s mythical House District 00.  Not to mention all the jobs that were saved there!  And they noted that ObamaCare, far from saving money, would cost in excess of $1.3 trillion dollars, and they chided the SNL skit for not pointing that out.

The CNN checkers saved the full bore of their ire for the sex scenes.  First, they pointed out that the Chinese leader in fact looks nothing like Mrs. Obama.  And they claim that the phrase “when someone is doing sex to me”  does not even translate into Chinese.  The chinese leader didn’t really want to have sex and get it over with, or he would have pulled down his pants.   One fact checker noted: “Come on, let’s be realistic. To make this factually correct he should have at least unbuckled his belt and lowered his trousers. Sheeeesh!”  See the entire video where CNN fact-checks SNL!

Sarah Palin at Roanoke book signing

People camped out the night before in 30 degree weather to be ahead in the line.  Long, long lines. My daugher-in-law went there (she had more sense than to camp out the night before).  Must see this video.  It shows the dedication that this woman inspires.  Can you imagine them doing that to get a book signed by Joe Biden if Obama had lost the election?  Now you see why the leftists hate her so…