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Mila Kunis

Time for a little Rule 5 action.  A recent post got me thinking about “That 70s Show,” which brought about this post.  She’s originally from the Ukraine.

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Drew Breeze threading the needle

Who is more accurate? A pro football quarterback, or a world class archer?

Lisa Miller: Vt. Judge Orders birth mother to give up custody of child to non-biological “ex-partner” of mom

From The Times-Dispatch: The mom, Lisa Miller, was living in a lesbian relationship when she had the child.  Now she believes homosexuality is a sin and no longer wants her child to be exposed to that life-style.  When she defied the judge’s order requiring her to share custody with her ex, the judge retaliated by ordering full custody be transferred to the ex.  Now the mother appears to have gone into hiding.  Run Lisa, run

The State has gone crazy.  No judge or elected official has the power to take a mother’s child away from her and award custody to a non-biological ex-partner.  So long as the child is not endangered, the will of the biological parent trumps the right of any “ex-partner.”  I’d defy the judge, too.  And if the judge succeeded in taking away my child, that judge’s life would forever after be endangered.  There are some rights that are best enforced with a gun.

Isreal about to do what the rest of the world refuses to do.

Bomb the hell out of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.  Isreal recently recalled all of its diplomats from all around the world (so they can’t be attacked, taken hostage, or worse, after the attack). 

Today it is reported in Reuters that four Israeli jets were fired at for “flying low” over Lebanon.  Hint: Israeli jets would have to fly over some Moslem country to reach Iran.  They bombed an Iraqi nuclear facility in 1981.  That time they flew low over Saudi Arabia to reach Iraq.  Not sure where the nuclear facilities are in Iran, but it looks like they may be planning to fly over Lebanon, then Jordan, and then Iraq, to reach Iran.  Wonder if our Joker Commander in Chief will have our boys oppose them when they fly over Iraq?  Gotta stick up for his Islam homeys.  It was reported by the UK Telegraph as early as February ’07 that the Israelis were negotiating with the U.S. for the right to fly over Iraq to attack Iran.  But we have a different Sheriff in town now.  Obama would lose over half his base if he permitted Israel to fly over Iraq.  You don’t have to be a genius at M.I.T. to figure how they might pull this off, but it helps.

Now it is breaking news that Iran is trying to smuggle raw uranium from Kazakhstan.  Drat! I thought George W. Bush wasn’t President any more? Where are these false intelligence reports coming from?  So  be careful you Iranian dictators!  President Obama might SANCTION you!

Top Ten Reasons Conservatives Pander to Gays

This is just between we so-called “conservatives” so the rest of you butt out.  Yeah, I KNOW, some of you conservatives will stop right here and not bother even reading this, lest  you be considered homophobic.  But here are my top ten reasons why conservatives are too gutless to call a spade a spade.  Too cowardly to stand up for the institution of marriage being between one man and one woman.  Too misinformed to stand up for what is right, and against what is wrong. As R. Stacy McCain wrote regarding the defense of marriage:  [same-sex] “Marriage is a hill to die on.”

10.  “Hey, I’ve done  _________ [fill in the blank, looked at porn, cheated, stole, lusted, etc. ad nauseum], so who am I to condemn them?

9.  “NOT that there is anything wrong with that” from Seinfeld.   Who wants to be considered “un-cool” or homophobic? 

8.  “Can’t we all just get along?”  or We need all the votes we can get.   Besides being cool, “The Gay Patriot” and Cynthia Yockey at “A Conservative Lesbian” are sooo conservative on the fiscal issues…

7.  Hey, I dig lesbian porn.  Er, I mean I used to…

6.  “Judge not lest thou also be judged.” [Of course, following that “logic” would preclude making anything illegal or immoral, evuh, but don’t interrupt me, I’m on a roll]  

5.  Hey, my [fill in the blank, relative, roommate, friend, co-worker] is gay, and he/she is really cool and I really like him/her.  And those guys on “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy” are all so cool.

4.   Hey, who wants to be associated with the “God Hates Queers” people?  I don’t want people to think I’m a fanatic.


3.  Have you seen what queers do to those who oppose them? I don’t wanna be Carrie-Prejeaned!!  I don’t want them “outting” me as a “hater.”  I don’t want them boycotting my business, my state, or getting me fired. 

2.  God didn’t really mean it when he condemned homosexuality in the Bible.  All that Old Testament bull shit like stoning people and not eating crabs went out with “Love Thy Neighbor!”

1.  They are so misinformed (or uneducated) about “libertarianism” and of the thinking of  The Founding Fathers that they fail to understand the difference between “liberty” and “license“. 

[Not necessarily in this order, and I’m sure that I missed a few, and that some are sub-sets of the same reason…]

“The system worked!”

Regarding the terrorist attack on the jet to Detroit, Janet Napolitano said: “They system worked.”  Good job, Nappy!

Ummm. Maybe not. “Bomb experts say there was more than enough explosive to bring down the Northwest jet, which had nearly 300 people aboard, had the detonator not failed, and the nation’s outdated airport screening machines may need to be upgraded.”

Lauren Graham

A little Rule 5 action.  In honor of “Baaaaaaad Santa,” one of my personal favorite movies.  “I’ve always had a thing for Santa Clause…”  She’s a Virginia girl.  Well, if you consider NoVa a part of Virginia.  5’9″ of Irish beauty.

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A Christmas “miracle”

  A 5 year old Az girl  was abducted on Christmas by a 45 year old man.  She was missing over 7 hours.  An Amber alert was issued.  A police officer spotted the vehicle, despite the perv having changed license plates.  After a brief pursuit and foot chase, perv caught and little girl rescued.  What kind of animal is this guy?   What should happen to him? Continue reading

A redneck Christmas

Santa might be a little late this year...

Global warming caused by aircraft vapor trails?

Don’t let my conspiracy nut poker buddy see this.  Like throwing gasoline on his fire.  Vapor trails supposedly account for 15-20% of warming in the Arctic.  How did they determine this? Why, they built a model that considered “atmospheric composition, cloudiness and the physical properties of emissions, particularly of black carbon.”   Then “These variables were then applied to a grid and aligned with historical data.” And they did all kinds of other sciency neat stuff, too!   😉

It’s a government conspiracy.  See what is really going on.