Finally, a reason to support ObamaCare!

Liberal Girls Are Slutty

From Noel Shepperd at NewsBusters via Sister Toldja “The political advocacy group “Rock the Vote” has a new video out encouraging young people to abstain from having sex with folks opposed to healthcare reform.”

….”The group’s YouTube posting asks: “What would you withhold from someone who opposes health care reform? Cookies, a Christmas gift, sex?”

Ok, that’s the only reason that I can think of…

2 responses to “Finally, a reason to support ObamaCare!

  1. Really, John. This isn’t a reason to support ObamaCare; it’s a blessing. They would probably give you a disease and then abort your baby.

  2. Reminds me of that movie/show title “Earth Girls Are Easy.” Have liberals finally found a way to get their women to be less slutty?

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