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Sometimes, someone makes a comment that is perfect

Here’s one comment to an excellant article by Frank on

No chicken little climate change "science" please

PajamasMedia that was so perfect I lifted it and posted it here.  I hereby declare it (and Frank’s article, too) required reading for all two of my loyal readers (thanks Ma! Thanks son! Son? Ok, ONE loyal reader…) .  The following is all “eon’s” words, not mine, even though not in quotations:

….Science is not a religion, and its practitioners are not priests. When they act like same, they should be fired. Period. Dot. That sort of behavior puts them in the same category as the ufologists, “contactees”, and other devotees of the belief that The Space Brothers Are Coming To Save Us All- Or At Least The Faithful Who Are Superior.

An argument from authority has no place in science, either. If someone really is an authority, they should be able to explain their findings in plain English and more importantly support their work with data. When someone says, “You are too stupid to understand the data”, my response is “And you’re not? Let’s compare IQs, shall we? If yours is no higher than mine, explain your conclusions.” Continue reading

Tiger likes his women just a little on the trashy side…

A litte of Robert Stacy McCain’s (and Smitty’s)  Rule 5 Saturday, dedicated to every Tiger ho out there.  Will any trashy lookin woman out there who hasn’t banged Tiger please raise your hand? To maximize your Rule 5 viewing pleasure, play “I like my women just a little on the trashy side” while ogling Tigers’ trashy hos.

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