Daily Archives: December 21, 2009

In praise of monogamous relationships

My poker buddy, who thinks he is a stud and has it made, is wrong. Buddy often brags about his latest conquests.  He’s late 30s, and if you believe him, he has had handfuls of women in the past 2-3 years. Most of them much younger than him, few involving any long term relationship. Some of them even married.  I have no reason to doubt him. 

Lately, for the past 6 months or more, he has found someone close to his own age and they have been dating exclusively.  So if you are  her, stop reading this.  My problem with him is that he has bragged about how wonderful he has it.  Lately, when a hot babe would come on a T.V. commercial, for instance, he has made comments to we married gentlemen such  such as,  “John hasn’t seen a hot woman like that in 25 years.”  I’m sure he really thinks he has it made and is living the life. 

But I disagree. First of all, if he married his current woman, he might have kids when he is over 40.  I would hate that. I’m too old and I did that when I was younger and stronger.  And if he never has kids? I would never have missed mine for any amount of indiscriminate sex or money. 

And yes, he brags when he nails some new chick.  But he has to worry about catching the latest veneral disease, or worse, and about birth control, and even about whether this newest edition is a psycho.  Sure, the sound of being a single guy playing the field sounds great.  But I think he is missing out on some of the greatest joys in life.  A life-time commitment, a mate who is faithful.  Love and acceptance for who you are, with no game playing.  Actually, I feel sorry for him.  I look at him and see a kid who never grew up.  I hope he finally sticks with this gal he is with now, for his sake.