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Tiger is an adulterer.

Why is everybody too gutless to say it?  He’s not just a “cheetah”, he’s a serial liar and breaker of his marriage vows.  He betrayed his wife.  Apparently, he took great chances of exposing himself and his wife to all kinds of venereal diseases.   (You can look that up if you must.)  Now he’s broken his home and his children will grow up taking turns visiting Daddy and Mommy.  What. A. Pig.

Some of his biggest supporters, or at least those who currently refuse to condemn his worthless ass, would have a coronary if he failed to count a stroke against  himself at Augusta for merely grounding his wedge while addressing his ball in a trap.   Or if he failed to count a stroke at the U.S. Open.  But let him cheat on his wife, and suddenly they develop a case of see no evil, speak no evil.

Am I judging him?  Hell yes.  And all of you who sit back and don’t condemn him, too.  If ya’ll saw him cheat at the British Open you’d fall all over yourselves to call up the officials and rat him out.

Do I think I am “better than him,” or “holier than thou”? Nope. There but by the grace of God go I.  But we don’t do society any favors by sitting back and saying, hey, that’s cool, if it feels good do it. When I screw up, call a spade a spade and tell me so.  When somebody cheats at golf, call them on it. And when they cheat on their marital vows, call them all the more so on it.

So cut with the crap of condoning his actions  by refusing to call what he did wrong.  ABSOF!#KINGLUTELY wrong.   Now resume ignoring this issue and not saying a damn thing about his horrendous behavior.

al gore poetry

Man, THIS is some great stuff! From the READERS of Vanity Fair.  Incredible. In over a hundred comments, not a single comment in support of this fraud! [My favorite is the very last one.]

“There once was a man named Gore; Whom Progressives and Greenpeace Adore; Yet data was found lacking; Due to computer hacking; And the ‘truth’ is now ‘inconvenient’ no more!”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m freezing my ass off, Wish you Al, were too.”

“There once was a great deceiver.
Who claimed the planet had fever.
While blackening the skys,
With his limos and Gulfstream G5’s
He has made me a Global Warming non-believer”

“There once was a man-bear-pig from Tennessee.
Who’s life was an example of moonbattery.
He said with a grin.
To exhale CO2 is a sin.
Now we all have to live in poverty.” Continue reading