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Drew Breeze threading the needle

Who is more accurate? A pro football quarterback, or a world class archer?

Lisa Miller: Vt. Judge Orders birth mother to give up custody of child to non-biological “ex-partner” of mom

From The Times-Dispatch: The mom, Lisa Miller, was living in a lesbian relationship when she had the child.  Now she believes homosexuality is a sin and no longer wants her child to be exposed to that life-style.  When she defied the judge’s order requiring her to share custody with her ex, the judge retaliated by ordering full custody be transferred to the ex.  Now the mother appears to have gone into hiding.  Run Lisa, run

The State has gone crazy.  No judge or elected official has the power to take a mother’s child away from her and award custody to a non-biological ex-partner.  So long as the child is not endangered, the will of the biological parent trumps the right of any “ex-partner.”  I’d defy the judge, too.  And if the judge succeeded in taking away my child, that judge’s life would forever after be endangered.  There are some rights that are best enforced with a gun.