Daily Archives: December 23, 2009

Global warming caused by aircraft vapor trails?

Don’t let my conspiracy nut poker buddy see this.  Like throwing gasoline on his fire.  Vapor trails supposedly account for 15-20% of warming in the Arctic.  How did they determine this? Why, they built a model that considered “atmospheric composition, cloudiness and the physical properties of emissions, particularly of black carbon.”   Then “These variables were then applied to a grid and aligned with historical data.” And they did all kinds of other sciency neat stuff, too!   😉

It’s a government conspiracy.  See what is really going on.

Science Fair project conquers pollution

Kid discovers which microorganisms and which conditions cause plastic to biodegrade.  And he’s a Canuck.  From Discover Magazine blog:  “At 37 degrees and optimal bacterial concentration, the microbes had consumed 43 percent of a plastic sample within six weeks.”  Continue reading

True commitment from the GOP Senators

The Democrats band together in unity to pass a law that a majority does not want, even if it means losing their individual seats and their majority status.

The Republicans under Sen. Mitch McConnell band together to move the vote up so that they can all get home on time for Christmas.  VOTE. THE. BUMS. OUT!  Jim DeMint for President.