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Col. Barfoot’s neighborhood

[couple of updates and stuck to the top of this block for a day] I put “boots on the ground” in Col. Barfoot’s neighborhood, to see what the fuss was all about, and to try to understand why the Board of Directors of the Homeowners’ Association wanted to make this recipient of the Medal of Honor take down his free-standing flag pole because it was not “aethetically pleasing.” Continue reading

If President Obama was Frank Beamer, giving a speech to the Va Tech football team before the next bowl game

I know the other team expects us to field eleven men on defense. 


I’m sending six.  I know the captain of the offense told me that we need all eleven men on offense, but I’m only sending eight.  Who needs a tight end or a fullback or a flanker anyway? I. Am. The Coach.  You guys in the field don’t call the shots, I do.  Sure, if all we wanted to do was win, I’d send in eleven guys. I’d even try to get in an extra couple per side if I could and not get caught.  But I am Coach.

I have bigger issues to worry about than just winning.  Some of our boosters made big bets on the game. If we win by too many points, they will be disappointed. Others, supposed “athletic boosters” and allegedly big fans of Virginia Tech football actually made wagers that we would lose. So, yeah, they want us to lose. 

Don’t you worry about it. Let me worry about it. I’ll keep them happy, so that I don’t get fired, or get a pay-cut.  I know that you guys are the best football team in America, and that you will try your hardest, and give it your all.  And hey, if our quarterback gets killed because we didn’t have our tight end to block that blitzing safety, or because we didn’t have our fullback to double team their beast of a defensive tackle, it won’t be my fault.  I’m just doing what George Soros tells me to do!

Must read short e-mail from a physician about how ObamaCare will destroy our healthcare.

Just a few paragraphs, but even an idiot liberal will  “get it”.

Have Virginia officials committed fraud regarding the Va Tech Massacre?

It's hot down here. Will somebody give me some water? I'm Satan's little bitch now!

This is my personal opinion as a non-involved lawyer in any of the law suits which followed in the wake of the shootings.  Most of the families of the victims settled their law suits with the state for a total of eleven million dollars.  In exchange for the settlement they gave up their right to sue state officials for their gross negligence.  Apparently only the families of two murder victims  refused to settle and filed suit.

But this is important: The amount that each family settled for was based upon the facts that were known to exist at the time of the settlement. Basically, the better the facts supporting your case, the more a potential lawsuit settles for, and the worse the facts, the less it settles for.  Well, today it is reported in The Richmond Times Dispatch that the facts just got a whole lot better.

The “official” report on the Tech massacre has been revised to include shocking facts. Tech officials notified their own families of the beginning of the shooting spree “ninety minutes” before they bothered to begin warning the Tech students.  Protect your own family, to hell with the students?  Hell, pro football games are only 60 minutes long. 

A top Tech official learned of the first killings “nearly two hours before the first notice was issued” to the student population at large.  Two hours is a full length movie, complete with popcorn and ju-ju beans.  I’ll warn the students, but let me watch “Lethal Weapon” first!

“Tech’s government affairs director ordered the university president’s office locked about a half-hour before the first notice was issued…” Protect the president, to hell with the students! Continue reading