Daily Archives: December 18, 2009

Michael Mann is a liar

A bold faced liar.  No, not just for his debunked “hockey stick” graph. That’s old news.  I’m referring to an article that he wrote that was published in The Washington Post.  I consider a “must-read” his latest article in the Washington Post.  Have a puke bag handy.  

But more telling is the response from readers.  These are Washington Post sheeple we are talking about.  Almost with unanymity they excoriate him for his lies.  My teeth were clenching by the time I finished reading the article as he pooh-poohed “ClimateGate” and lied about what various smoking gun emails meant.  Then I read the responses and was cheered that no-longer does this nation of sheep sit back and believe the lies of the likes of Al Gore and Michael Mann.  And as a palate cleanser, read this Wall Street Journal article about what ClimateGate is really all about, from a guy who was targeted in some of the leaked emails.

I’m still officially a skeptic. I have never believed the bull shit spouted by the global warming alarmists.  But I think it is a debate too important to take sides and become an advocate.  Continue reading