Obama, the Golfer in Chief

from Doug Ross

p.s.  Miss you, Man!

Yeah, you!>>———————————>

John Doe

8 responses to “Obama, the Golfer in Chief

  1. That house looks exactly like one I almost bought for $525,000 in Reno NV a few years ago. There’s a view of the golf course out the back, I bet.

    Now you’d be lucky to get $325,000. And I’m lucky I backed out at the last minute…

  2. I was in Reno once. Didn’t like the look of the town (in fairness, was night when I was there), but loved the surrounding countryside.

  3. Me and my brother stopped in Reno last year. Got there about an hour before the sun went down and came out of the casino about daybreak. East of Reno, it’s pretty desolate.

  4. Overall Reno’s a pretty nice place to live. Having visited Virginia a couple times lately the part within an hour of DC, anyway) I think I might like that even better.

  5. Next time yer down here, let me know. Beers on me. Er, SORRY, gin.

  6. I like beer too! Right now I plan to come back your way in July 2011. I’ll let you know, ’cause last summer I could of used a cold one about every 30 minutes. For an Alaska boy the weather was a bit WARM.

  7. I’m personally not a golfer, however; some of my friends that are avid players have told me golf has one endearing quality…

    ”Golf is a lot like sex, Gramps. You don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it.

    If that’s true…perhaps I should consider indulging…
    Damn, I wish I perfect my backswing…!

  8. ” p.s. Miss you, Man!
    Yeah, you!>>—>LTB

    Hey LTB, we all do… Yet we understand that you can’t compromise yer advisory position by personally bloggin’…

    We’re gonin’ to luv havin’ yah back after November 2nd…
    Yer gonna lose, even if you win, yah know that…?


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