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Harry Reid Insert Foot (via Thatmrgguy’s Blog)

Harry Reid on TV…ehhh

Harry Reid on MSM News station…Yawn

Harry Reid inserting foot in mouth…Priceless!

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via Thatmrgguy's Blog

Washington Post lies about Christine O’Donnell debate, Gramps swallows

Wow.  Just WOW!  I have been out of the loop, except for a.m. talk radio, the past few days.  I heard the crap that they said about Christine O’Donnell axing the imbecilic question about the First amendment:  “That’s in there?”  In my heart I did not want to believe it.  In my mind I thought that nobody could be that dumb.  Now it turns out that it was all a big lie, and only dummies–or wodka induced patriotic robots–believed that bull shit.  This one is for you Gramps. 

John Doe

He’s baaaack

No, not Lipton T. Bagg.  (LTB, call home!) Astute readers have noticed the conspicuous absence of John Doe over the past week or so. Well, the Warden has allowed J.D. to type a few words during work release.  Wal-Mart has computers for sale that are hooked up to the internet. At all hours of the day and NIGHT. 

True story from today:  While stopped at a red light, I see a guy with a home-made sign that said “Bye bye Harry Reid.”  Some fifty-ish short woman was standing in front of him, pointing her finger in his face and yelling at him.  So I honked and yelled out “BYE BYE HARRY REID!” 

He lifted the sign above his head and shook it, and smiled.  She got irate, gave me a dirty look, and tried to knock the sign out of his hand. He had it above his head, and she could not reach it. So she tried to knock it out of his hand with a book (“Mein Kampf”?  “Das Kapital?”)  Then I kind of lost sight of them, as there was traffic betwixt me and them. The light turned green, and I saw she was still bothering him, so as I rolled left through the intersection, I yelled out, “Shut up, you stupid bitch!”  She looked at me, while trying to steal his sign, and said “Fuck you!”  Of course, I got in the last word, “Shut the f%#k UP, you dumb c&n#!” The guy was desperately trying to fend off the wild woman as I drove out of sight. He knew that he was completely defenseless against her onslaughts.  I like to think that I gave him a little encouragement as I drove by…

J. D.