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Tom “One Term” Perriello is using conservative blog sites as his whores

I am getting so pissed off at various “conservative” blog sites showing the Tom Perriello ads.  This rant has been brewing for weeks, but was recently set-off by seeing that bastards ugly face on The Other McCain of all places. 

 For the love of God, men, tear down that ad.  Sure, I’m glad you get money for advertising, but have you no shame? If you need money that badly, I’ll donate whatever it is that “One Term” is paying you, hell, you can even put up a “John Doe for Congress” in place of his ad. 

We are in the battle for our lives, for our country, and for our way of life. And conservative bloggers are whoring out their space to a communist freak.  The battle for that seat is very close, so this is not academic.  Regular adorers readers of  The Other McCain know full well that Stacy and Smitty do not support that worthless bastard Perriello.  But not all of those who frequent the site know them like I (in an internet sort of way) know them.  Some might even mistake the damnable ad with an endorsement by those two gents.  No shit.  Why do you think Perriello’s people placed the ad there? For the heck of it? I’m not just picking on The Other McCain.

Hell, I’ve seen his ads all over the place on conservative blogs.  TheClassicLiberal I think has had them.  WashingtonReb has one up right now.  I believe I’ve even seen them on Hot Air and/or Right Wing News.  My point is not to accurately call out each and every conservative blog site that is doing it, but rather just that many prominent great sites are.   

And don’t even TRY to give me that bull shit rationale that you believe in free speech and free enterprise or any other such bull shit. So do whores.  The difference between us and whores is that we have morals, and we act on principles.  If One Term and his ilk have their way you won’t have free speech or free enterprise.  God. Damn. It!   Take down those ads!

And I say this in the most respectful tone possible, as I love you guys.

John Doe

p.s. go below the link for the only Perriello ad that I would ever publish Continue reading

Winter Olympics 2010

Aren’t they coming up, after all it’s almost wint…oh yeah, that was over in back in Febraury.

No matter, I vaguely recall that I enjoyed watching some ski races with my son.  Americans Lindsey Vonn and Julie Mancuso were fighting it out and winning medals.  Here, we will reenact that epic fight.  Kinda.












And having done my public service in promoting sport for girls and young women, empowering them to pose in their underwear and so on, I will just say:

Have a great Weekend!


Eugene Robinson whiiiiiines: Why won’t the GOP compete for African-American votes?

Eugene Robinson is a chump: “Why won’t the GOP compete for African-American votes?” he whiiiiines.   And because blacks vote in lock-step with Democrats, “Democrats have been [taking for granted] black voters for decades”, he cries like a little Nancy boy.

Well John Doe has some questions for Mr. Robinson:  Like, hey shit-for-brains, maybe if prominent blacks did not call black Republicans “Oreos” and “Uncle Toms” and “Traitors to their race,” do you think then that maybe then more blacks would support Republicans?  Or maybe if half the country didn’t demonize black Republican leaders (Condoleeza Rice) or ignore others (J.C. Watts, or Col. West in Florida), do you suppose that then it would not be so hard for blacks to support Republican?  Hmmm?  

 But let’s explore how the Republican party can “compete for the black vote.” I mean besides what it already has done: a Republican appointed a black man to the Supreme Court, a Republican appointed two different blacks as Secretary of State, and Republicans voted a black man as head of the Republican National Committee.

But here are some other ideas to “compete for African-American votes”:  How about if Republicans cater to blacks by lowering the minimum wage so that black youths are not priced out of the job market?  How about if Republicans make it more difficult to get on and stay on welfare, so that so many blacks will not lose their sense of self-worth from depending upon the government for sustenance? How about if the Republican party cuts taxes and spending so that the economy will rebound and blacks can rise (along with the rest of us)  on the high tide of a roaring economy? 

Don’t like those solutions, Mr. Crap for brains?  How about if Republicans  take a few pages from the Democrat playbook?  Have them start hanging nooses at Democrat headquarters everywhere.  Sure, the Dems will deny it, but after a while, blacks might start to wonder.  Have prominent black Republican sports figures condemn any black who votes for Democrats as having a plantation mentality for voting for the Dem Overseer.  Or even have Republicans out offering more spending money or cigarettes or whatever it is that Democrats offer them on election day.  No, wait, they would probably take the money/cigs and still vote Dem.  Better yet, have Republicans just do what the Dems do and have white guys each vote several different times in the name of registered blacks (as well as pets, illegals and dead people). 

Or, Mr. Crap Brains, how about you lecture the blacks instead of lecturing the Republicans?  Blacks, after all, are the ones who spread their legs so easily for the Democrat Overseers.  It takes two to be taken advantage of, one who is doing the taking, and one who allows it to happen.  Grow up, black voters everywhere.  Quit allowing Dems to take your vote for granted.  Stay home and make a big point of it.  Force the Dems to cater to whatever it is that  you think is in your best interest. 

And blacks everywhere need to grow a pair and stop allowing others to influence how they vote or which political party they support.  I know many already have, and that there are many great conservative blacks, but there need to me much more.  So stop putting up with the black crowd condemning black Republicans. Fight back. Tell them what losers they are for giving away their support for nothing.  Or maybe, just maybe, tell them the truth:  Republicans seek what is best for the country as a whole, blacks, browns, yellows, reds and whites and every color in between.

Right now, Republicans have about zero incentive to advance “black causes” per se, whatever such causes are.  Why not? Because the vast majority of blacks do not support Republicans.  They won’t no matter what the Republicans do.  One might as well ask the Republicans to cater to the Communist Party in order to earn their vote.  Commies would never vote for the Republicans, and it would tick off the Republican base.    And, frankly, if the Republicans start pushing some sort of “black agenda” it would tick me off, too.  I want a party or a politician to push an agenda that is best for ALL Americans, not just a certain race, color or creed.

Alas, Mr. Robinson is just too stupid to figure this out.  He is beyond hope. But hopefully he is not representative of the typical black voter out there.  If he is, God help us.

John “white and proud” Doe