The Skin Gun

What hath God wrought?

Just for Gramps--because we CARE!

3 responses to “The Skin Gun

  1. Yah know JD; I’m beginning to think you’ve slipped a link in your timing chain…?

    Unlike your sister-in-law, I’m actually beginning to feel sorry fer yer bony arse…to say nothing of your “once” dear, family.

    Must have something to do with the muddy, Colorado River water they drink in “Vegas”…just before it enters Mexhecoh…!

  2. Talk about a mid-life crisis…?

    Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph…I went thru consoling for PTSD and paranoia…

    You need some help with the realization you’re becoming an olde ‘effin’ fart

    Buying’ a Lamborghini, living amongst the high-rollers and takin’ ”Viagra”, ain’t gonna do it, honey…

    Too soon olde, too damn late schmart, arsehole…!

  3. Oh and JD…
    Who the ‘eff is “we…?”

    “Just for Gramps–because we CARE!

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