Back, by popular demand!

Hi guys, I’m baaack!  Actually, I’ve been back since yesterday, but I was so busy at Casa de T. Bagg that I could not actually post anything until today! Ask me anything. LTB

7 responses to “Back, by popular demand!

  1. Well, what the hell you been doin’ the last several months. Welcome back.


  2. Didn’t realize the post-op recovery from those Swedish sex-change operations took so long.

  3. It’s probably the training he had to go through to learn Swedish Massage. Don’t that just put an image in your mind’s eye, huh?


  4. Golly gee and howdee, Mr. Bagg…!

    Apparently TDY hasn’t changed much in the half a century, since I last served…?
    About a months’ worth of training with the team and six months of deployment to some “exotic garden vacation spot” of yer very own choice…!

    BTW: How much “per diem” are they paying this decade and did yah get any of my emails…?

  5. “Don’t that just put an image in your mind’s eye, huh?”

    Not sure I want to see his updated picture, can’t quite envision the “new” equipment in conjunction with the “old” hairline.

    • That’s very true Mom…you ”gurls”, don’t normally have a problem with that issue…?

      How’s about an updated graphic, LTB…

  6. So LTB, when are we going to see some new posts on your blog? Perhaps a synopsis of your adventures the last few months. You wouldn’t believe the stories JD’s been telling about you in your absence. 😉


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