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A dedication for a certain someone…

Life in Vegas is boring…

Woke up late yesterday.  Tried to lay in the sun and get some Vitamin D, or is it A? Just hazy sun, no fun. Stopped on the way to the casino for three goat meat tacos. Won $500 in about two hours in a cash game at The MGM.  I didn’t play particularly well, just got lucky. 😉

Talked with a local during my game and he turned me on to the cash games at The Aria and The Wynn.  I left on the way to the Sahara for an hour at The Wynn.  Won $85 more in an hour. Got to The Sahara in time for the 7:00 pm tournament at The Sahara. Crap, I had terrible cards for so long my tongue turned blue. But I somehow made it to the final 12, and got knocked out with ATs versus AKoffsuit. But I got my buy-in back, so I won $585 for the day for 9 hours work.

Sunday I also woke up “late” 10:30 ish. I screwed around for a couple of hours and then went “to work.”  Got great sushi on the way for my one meal of the day.  Got incredible great cards again. Played poker during the Super Bowl for the first time in my life. Won $790 for five hours of fun. Won $1,375 for two days.  Came home and wrote this post.

NO! I am not bragging.  Texas Hold ’em is all luck and no skill! Thank you *Dear Lord baby Jesus! 

*Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

p.s. on my long trek out here, I passed Talladega Super Speedway (on Route 40).

Liberals attacking Reagan

Know thy (fucking) enemy. Gramps could tell you all about how the gooks operated in the jungle. To stay alive and to win, you must know your enemy.

Liberals lost the attacks on Reagan during his life time. He won with the largest majorities of electoral votes during my lifetime. America loved him, and prospered greatly.  Yet liberals hated him, and attacked him unmercifully.

Remember when he died? Liberals tried to act as though they had loved him and supported him, too.  Lies, all lies.

Reagan is still popular with America in general.  So popular that liberals are trying to sell the lie that Obama is somehow Reaganesque.  Bullshit.  Reagan would have hated Obama and fought him with every breath he took.

Now, near the century anniversary of Reagan’s birth, liberals are still attacking him.  You just are not paying attention.  See here.  See here.  And here and here. See more fag sputum from Reagan’s only son here.

God, I feel sorry for those too young to have seen what I’ve seen. Liberals are sorry worthless pieces of human excrement. Yet they try to dress themselves up as human beings. If it were not for people like me, who have been around, and who know how they operate, Americans might believe their bull shit.

From Slapblog, h/t to Mr. Caps