Rush Limbaugh linked here

Rush is right. Rush is right.

OMG!  Here is the link [as he says to self, quit acting like a school girl. Act like you belong!]

This is almost as great as the thrill that would hit me if I called in and actually got to speak to him myself!  My hits are going through the roof!  My site meter is on viagra. 

Only one complaint. Notice that my article about the bogus quote was written last spring?  I even e-mailed a copy of it to Rush Limbaugh back then.  I knew that allowing that crap to remain out there would eventually bite him in the butt.  You cannot allow lies to tarnish your reputation without fighting them vigorously, wherever and whenever you find them.  But I am honored that Rush cited to my humble blog.

49 responses to “Rush Limbaugh linked here

  1. Foriegn Aid, ahhh…where do I start. Before the socialists infiltrated our government between WW1 and WW2, the US didn’t give out foriegn aid. If you go back and study a little history, you’ll find that a very large portion of the trillions in foriegn aid we’ve sent to countries around the world actually went to communist countries, not to stop communism, but to help stabilize their governments. In the forties, we sent aid to communist Russia and Red China, but not to Chiang Kaisheck like we promised. In the fifties we sent foriegn aid to several of the soviet satelitte countries, not to stop the encroachment of communism, but to stabilize their socialist governments.

  2. Gotta love it when conservatives accuse those who disagree with them, calling them “racists” –pot, meet kettle.

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  4. So Roger, if you’re not an American and you live in a foreign country, Can I assume it’s one of the many European countries the United States of America pulled out of the deep fat fryer. In other words, y’all appealed to us to save your asses. After World War 2, America spent a king’s ransom rebuilding your country. Which foreign country are you from so we can send you a bill….Oh yeah,that’s right, we didn’t ask for repayment. And it seems like after WW1, we did the same thing…saved your asses and then rebuilt your countries at no cost to you. Imagine that.

    I visited your blog. I’m guessing you don’t expect much traffic, as I’m pretty sure most people in America don’t understand Occitan or Provencal, or if you please, bastardized French/Spanish/Italian. How many of these Occitans’ have internet access? And they call it a “romance language”…LMAO.

  5. Oh, and I should also say thank you for taking the time to reply to my comments. I thought this particular thread was long dead and that my posts wouldn’t be read.

  6. Roger wrote…

    ”…After all, Joschka Fischer told Donald Rumsfeld to his face in Berlin that Germany couldn’t go to war with Iraq because there simply wasn’t enough evidence to justify it, and he was right. The invasion was based completely on lies. Should he have shut up because he felt he owed you one from 1945? Surely not; it makes no sense. It would have been a gross disservice to everyone involved.”

    Fischer certainly got that one right for Germany…

    I believe history will judge Dick Cheney and his dutiful, runner, Donny Rumsfeld, very harshly for their outrageous distortions, of any one good, of six or eight, despicable reasons, they conjured up; to wage war on a country with but a harsh dictator for a leader. Were harsh dictatorship[s] a reason for waging righteous war we should be at war with thirty percent of the world simultaneously.

    Most Americans are fully aware of Cheney’s, Halliburton connections and his penchant for trading blood for oil, if it made money for his olde cronies and business associates. We can hardly blame Bush; he was just an affable “frat boye” and Dick Cheney was selected to give him some gravitas when it would come to governance…

    Gravitas, my sorry, bony, olde soldier’s arse…!

  7. One last point in relation to my earlier post: I think it is to the Russians – who account for 65% of Second World War casualties, compared to US and UK casualties of 2% each – that we owe the greatest debt of gratitude for ultimately crushing Nazi Germany.

    Not the Communist Party, mind, just the plain old Russians.

  8. Math question for ya:

    If the United States is worth $75 trillion, and you give roughly $75 billion in foreign aid, plus $13 billion in military aid (2004 figures) – of which, as stated earlier, 90% ISN’T aid at all – but you have a national debt of $50 trillion, of which 25% is owned by foreign governments (China being top of the list:, then exactly how fu*cked are you? 🙂

    Oh, look – you’ve moved up to 18th place! Well, done.

  9. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it.

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