Why I hate cops, reason number six billion and one.

….”Coogle said he hoped to at least partially atone for the role he played in Westcott’s death by setting the record straight. But informers usually face long odds in their efforts to blow the whistle on police misconduct, said Scott Greenfield, a New York criminal defense lawyer and editor of the Simple Justice blog.

“The police playbook is simple, Greenfield said: Disavow the snitch. He said cops typically prevail because of informers’ endemic credibility problems, even when the spectacle of officers attacking their own snitches’ truthfulness looks incongruous.

“These are the same guys who are so very truthful that we put other people in life-threatening situations based on what they say,” Greenfield said, describing the typical police response. “When the snitch turns, they’re a pathological liar and we shouldn’t pay attention….”

Sure, this must read story published in the Tampa Bay Times could be false, complete and utter bull shit. As the fag bois and wimmenz libbers were so quick to believe the single-sourced U. Va. rape story excreted by the Rolling Stones because it fit with their narrative, so too I might be inclined to believe this story because it absolutely fits with what I personally know to be true about cops. Still, unlike the rape story, this one has “the ring of truthfulness” about it, from top to bottom. Oh, that and none of the cop handlers would even bother to refute the charges.  Fucking cops. Fucking morons who keep this war on drugs going to line their pockets with filthy lucre.

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