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The GZ Mosque is a POLITICAL ACT not Religious freedom

The Elites in the MSM and the halls of power have been berating all who disagree with the location of the Cordoba mosque, cultural center, whatever, as bigots. We want to end religious freedom for those that we disagree with. Well not to put to fine a point on it but, I disagree.

This is not about religion, the building of this mosque so close to the gaping crater that was once the symbol and center of American capitalism is a POLITICAL ACT, nothing more and certainly nothing less. To attempt to paint it as anything else is ridiculous and an insult to all sensible people who take the time to pay attention.

But they are “building bridges” reaching out across faiths to “promote tolerance and understanding”. Please, spare me. As many have said; reasonable people would have noticed the wide-spread resistance to this and decided those aims would be better pursued at a different site. No this about sending a message, a political message. Continue reading