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Something a sane mind cannot fathom

by Doug Hagin

The Left is one of the great mysteries of life. They scream out for “human rights” “equality” and often can be heard shouting “power to the people”. Yet, for all their words, they reject, and demonize those states which actually honor those tenets. The United States? Bad! Israel? Bad! capitalism? Very bad! Even though capitalism provides a much higher standard of living, even for the poor in the nations which embrace capitalism, the Left rejects it in favor of various forms of Marxism, which deprive everyone, except the ruling elites of course, of not only economic gains, but basic liberties as well.

What is it that so deludes the minds of Leftists. Surely, it is easy to see why the powerful Leftists embrace it. It is all about power and control for them. But what of the, let us refer to them as Little Leftists, why do they embrace an ideology that has always denied the very things the Little Leftist claims to seek?

Why do they loathe Israel, and embrace the terrorist regimes and organizations that oppose Israel? The Little Leftists shriek in rage whenever Israel defends itself afer being attacked. Yet, these same “social justice” proponents ignore or even justify the terror attacks upon innocent Israelis.

Why is it that makes the Little Leftists  despise America so? They demonize this nation for daring to even have a border at all for example. Racism! They scream and rant. Yet, Many other nations, such as Mexico, have far more punitive immigration laws, and the Little Leftists say nothing, and when they do, they defend those nations rights to have such laws! Clearly they do not apply their standards of “Social Justice” evenly. It seems that the only thing these people truly hate is freedom.

They never protest against nations that truly oppress their people. No, their rage is reserved almost exclusively for Western republics. So, one has to assume that it is freedom these malcontents despise.

Take this story I found at Wizbang for instance. It seems a big shot at Amnesty International hates “social injustice” so much that he deems a certain Middle Eastern nation a “scum state”. Which nation draws his ire? Why, Israel of course!

A typical missive aimed at the Jewish state from Islamists or the likes of Ahmadinejad or your typical leftist state side anti-semite… but what makes this particularly blog worthy is that it’s actually something said by an Amnesty International leader who slipped up and in a weak moment allowed his bigotry to be unmasked:

On Monday the head of Finland’s branch of Amnesty International, Frank Johansson, termed Israel a “scum state.” Writing in his blog, which appears on the Web site of Iltalehti, one of Finland’s largest newspapers, he based his characterization of Israel on his “own visit[s], which occurred during the 1970s and for the last time in the 1990s.” Johansson further justified his rhetoric toward Israel because he has previously invoked strong language against former Pres. George Bush on Finnish TV. He called Mr. Bush “the biggest executioner in the Western Hemisphere.”

Turning Israel and the United States into whipping boys is hardly new territory among human-rights NGOs, but now a high-level official of AI has exposed his pathological obsession with rejecting Western democratic values. His biological language mirrors that of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who calls Israel a “cancer” that needs to be “removed.”

Once Johansson was caught with both hands deep in the anti-Semitic cookie jar, he offered the defense that “I am writing those [blogs] in my capacity as a private person, not as an Amnesty official.” However, on Iltalehti’s Web site, his title as “director of the Finnish branch of Amnesty International” appears above his blog.

So, Israel is the bad guy? Israel, which practices religious tolerance. Israel, which treats women as equal citizens, rather than as third class property? Israel is scum to this guy? Again, a nation that grants freedom is blasted by a Leftist, while a free pass is given to terrorists that attack Israel without cause, and enslave their people under the evils of Sharia Law?

This, my friends, is why I consider the Left to be morally retarded.