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some stuff needs to be circulated…

I really have nothing to add, so I’ll shut up and see where this one goes…..  [By Uncle Frank]

Want my panties ?

bring it BIOOOTCH !

did I mention today is Armed Forces Day….THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE SERVED AND SUPPORTED !!!!!

Everyone else can kiss my ASS , or your local Democrat….same difference….


[By UncleFrank]  Seems we have found Obama’s Monica.  Yep, she thinks he is a hottie with a smoking body.  Maybe the NYC police should see why he is “smoking” and try to extinguish him before he hurts someone…

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little….

Pamela Anderson…

HA !!!! Made ya look, but she owes some BIG money from back taxes….


and there goes there brains, nothing LEFT but their HATE, no CHANGE…

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Uuuhhhh, is this thing on ???

I am here and ready to inform, insult or at least make you think….

What do YOU think ?

[Virgin post by Uncle Frankie!]