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Halle Berry v. Ursula Andress

Not a Celebrity Smackdown, just pure family fun:


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The Limits of Knowledge and the Limitless Use of Pictures of Beautiful Women

As today’s service to you, Gentle Reader, I will just point to some really useful things:

The RawnessThe Limitations of Knowledge Part I, Part II, Part III.  I’ve been reading “self help” and “self improvement” books for about 35 years, and have actually applied some of the information therein.  And I’ve had some success.  It took quite a bit of seasoning for me to realize what is so beautifully and concisely quoted here:

It is much harder to live the truth than to feel it or know it. Knowledge is easiest. The mind is more malleable than the emotions or the body, and so the mind is relatively swift to change. You can hear something and immediately know the truth of it. Then you can tell it to others. You can write about it. You can create a whole philosophy around it. And still not much changes in your life. You can know the truth – for instance, exercises improves cardiovascular fitness – and then still sit on your butt.


In other very important news, The Camp of the Saints features Tera Patrick.  Apparently, she is Not an Alien.

I didn’t have any idea who Ms. Patrick was before “reading” Bob’s post, but hey, that’s what the Internet is all about:  EDUCATION.

[by NeoVictorian]

Today’s Killer Quote


The contract between the sexes is no longer valid. The wheels had been in motion for decades prior,  but the motions that destroyed the contract for good occurred in the late 60′s and 70′s. Women were liberated from their contractual obligations by cheap contraception, legalized abortion, no-fault divorce, WIC and welfare for single mothers, punitive child support and alimony payments, sexual harassment laws, and the Violence Against Women Act. And yet, despite giving women the freedom to do as they wish, polite society still holds men to their contractual obligations. We guys are expected to go to college and rack up five-to-six digits worth of debt in order to get a spirit-crushing job in order to be worthy of a woman’s attention. We are expected to pay for dates and save up three months’ worth of pay to buy an overpriced gold ring with a shiny rock on it so our fiancee can brag to her friends. We are expected to blow thousands, possibly tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding plus honeymoon in order to please our soon-to-balloon wives. Even worse, popular culture is engaged in a massive campaign to hide the truth from our eyes. How many movies have been made in which the awkward beta loser gets the girl? In which the guy who stays on the straight and narrow is rewarded for it?

In the past, men who played by the rules won out in the end. No more. Women of all types are spreading their legs exclusively for pick-up artists, cads, players, badboys, and other men whom a healthy society would regard as the scum of the earth. Men like George Sodini who succeed and contribute to society have only their right hands for company, while bottom-feeders are drowning in more vaj then they know what to do with. Is this just? Is this right? I wouldn’t have a problem with this if women were honest about which men they preferred to get their pussies pounded by, but they aren’t. This society is dependent on men like Sodini who put in a honest day’s work and obey the law, and without them, the hypergamous utopia of modern women would dissolve like a condom in Vaseline. This is why our mangina and feminist overlords do everything in their power to keep the betas running on their hamster wheels, all the while tightening the nooses around their necks with ever more punishing laws.

Read the whole thing.  I don’t agree with it all, but think upon the portion above, grasshopper.  Young men at the moment don’t have much economic, legal or sexual incentive to marry, to work especially hard or to love their country.  Luckily many of them still do all of these things, but for how long?  What motivation will keep them from extending their hard-partying, narcissistic bachelorhood into their 30s, 40s and beyond?

I believe that  the economic doldrums and social blight of the next five or ten years will be caused not by structural  factors but by the retirement of the last generation of the motivated.  No “stimulus” will replace a workforce that was driven by a desire to feed their families and buy a home and make things “better” for the kids.  Single guys on the make do not purchase three bedrooms in suburbia, and they do not take second jobs to buy  braces and Christmas presents.  They spend their free time playing Halo, watching football with their buddies and picking up women.

If you think that will lead to a booming economy, best of luck to you.

As things gradually go to pot, I like to think there will be a movement toward the…


First Posts

Right now, I don’t feel like writing on politics.  It’ll still be there tomorrow.

Blog readers normally read the latest post on a blog they’ve bookmarked, or the one linked by a blog they’re reading now.  Only a few (yeah, the present author is guilty) have the Audacity of Hope to delve into the archives of Blog World.  Just for fun,  we here present the very first post of a few favorite blogs and see what the authors did at that very moment a baby was born, so to speak.  It is interesting to compare that to what they have now become:

Instapundit, –8/8/01: Well, it looks like the Department of Justice is finally going after the music industry for antitrust violations. Expect more of this kind of thing in the future, and not just with regard to themusic sector, but with regard to all entertainment industries…

Ace of Spades (via his old Blogger), 12/30/03 – First Post.

Okay, lots of people do that, here’s Ace’s second post, that same day – Just a little Poe-parody we here at Ace of Spades HQ wrote: Be aware, the poem contains flagrant potty-mouth.

The Donkey

Once upon a midnight gloaming, my mouth agape and whitely foaming,
my frantic mind e’er roaming, roaming o’er outrages of liberal lore,
I gave my dork a playful slapping, setting my balls slowly flapping, but suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
`’Tis some visitor,’ I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door –
Only this, and nothing more.’

THAT’s more like it!

The Camp of the Saints, (after a few “tests”… five months later…), 12/08/09  – AH..MARRIAGE: Mrs. Other McCain is a softy compared to Mrs. Belvedere [half-Sicilian / half-Irish Catholic].  If I were to do a Woods, Mrs. B. would not kill me.  Nope, not a chance in Hell for that kind of mercy.  She would kill my family, my cats, my friends, my co-workers [not so bad], my mailman, my accountant, my blogger friends, any conservatives I like, and on and on until she was satisfied.  My death, at that point, would be a blessing.  So count your lucky stars McCain: Mrs. Other McCain would let you off easy.

IMAO (Frank J), 03/09/33 (yes, that’s right) – The New Deal is a Raw Deal: This “New Deal” is a horrible idea. We’re going to become some big, bloated socialist government because of it. This makes me so mad, I want to push FDR’s wheelchair down a flight of stairs — not with him in it, but him watching so he can see his favorite wheelchair get all smashed up and know exactly what I feel about him and his “New Deal.” We shouldn’t stand for pinko crap like this.

BTW, did you see that new movie King Kong? That gorilla is craaaazy!

Smash Mouth Politics, 10/27/08 – (Not sure if this is really the first, but it’s the oldest on this site) Hello World, John doe Congratulates Himself on His 3 Month anniversary by Republishing His Original Post : This is my very first post. Thanks, Megan, if you had not turned out to be just another gutless coward  person who is sensitive to liberal pressure, I would never have started my own blog. Mason posted a comment about how he believes I alternate between blogging and autofellating. When I entitled my next post by including what he said about me, suddenly I became the bad guy. Oh, did I not mention that Mason runs a blogator that she desperately wants to remain a part of? So she “apologizes” for my posts. How sweet. I merely repeat what he said about me, but then she feels the need to apologize for my posts. Course, that keeps her in the good graces of those other gutless cowards, Finnegan and Mason. Whatever.

So, JD, would you mind giving us the backstory on that one?


There have been many fine photos in the history of SMP. This is a personal fave.

Just a Quote From Mencius Moldbug

Through next Monday, this is all I got.  The Lightworker Wants to Touch Your Junk.

You can, however, spend the weekend reading Moldbug’s million or so words worth of archives, if you would like a classical education on why Everything They Taught You in History Class Was Wrong.

Here’s the sample to pique your interest:

The perfect leftist is the fanatical hypocrite. While his beliefs correspond precisely to his own advantage, he believes in them furiously just the same. His opportunism does not even slightly detract from his sincerity, which is palpable and enormous. Indeed, if the situation changes and so do his interests, his mind will change as well. And change sincerely.

Alas, this character is easier to describe than find. In the day of Gladstone, liberalism was young and crazy and full of juice. Today? The movement exudes the overwhelming odor of fatigue. It remains both fanatical and hypocritical – but not in one person. Its fanatics, who could be broadly described as the amateur left, are devoid of any tactical cunning. And its hypocrites, who despite Robert Gibbs constitute the professional left, are as passionless as an eggplant.

They try to care. They moan, they gasp, they writhe. But their eyes are dead, whore eyes. Now that we’ve seen it in the White House, we’d know it anywhere. You have to be an awfully blind fanatic not to see what you’re looking at. Can the amateur left, the audience, the chumps who buy the magazines, find a professional leftist who actually cares about his ideals? They’ll need a much brighter lantern than it took to find B.H. Obama.

See y’all next week, unless a moose runs me down over the weekend.  They do indeed prowl the urban streets of Anchorage, Alaska.

Best Regards,



Miss Alaska USA 2010, Sarah Temple

Yeah, we have civilization up here, too.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: Sea Life “Flourishing”

So the hysterical propaganda was bullshit.  Sea life is “flourishing” in the Gulf, because as people who actually knew something about the subject predicted, the oil got eaten up by microbes that luv the stuff.

Not to flatter myself, but I too predicted this, mainly because I have a memory that goes back more than two weeks.  Back in 1979, blow out at a Pemex (Mexican State Oil Co.) well pumped an estimated 3 million barrels into the Gulf.  Checking back years later–a “stunning recovery.”

But that, of course, didn’t fit the narrative of President Obama or the Church of Environmentalism to which he must genuflect.  The hand wringing, the grim expressions, the “plug the damn hole!” were the modern, required theatre of the absurd.  No one is allowed to rationally assess these things today, while they’re on television 24/7.  Can’t look like you don’t care.

It’s nice to know things are recovering, like they always have.

I found this photo on the “Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog.”  It doesn’t have anything at all to do with the oil spill, but what’s your point?


Julie London, Fly ME to the Moon

I know these things are matters of personal taste–but can any man look at this scorching 1:44 of video and not feel a certain singing in the blood?  I like to think that even a modern fifteen-year-old boy would recognize this as way hotter than Britney or one of her clones humping the air in her underwear.

Dunno, maybe I’m just old.  When I watch this 1964 clip, however, I don’t feel old.  Not at all.


Bob Belvedere Pounds the Nail, Beautifully

Our blog friend Bob Belvedere, Prop., The Camp of the Saints, hits the nail on the head with The Levellers.   Bob’s post is a commentary on two posts by The Great Robert Stacy McCain, so let us give due genuflection, but Bob goes on to tie it all together so neatly:

To achieve equality, everyone and every thing must be brought down to the lowest level existing. Such thinking about equality brings nothing — absolutely nothing — but equal suffering and equal despair. It requires enslavement of the population because the human soul desires freedom which brings about [glorious] inequality.  Those who have resisted such submission, who have fought The Levellers, have often found themselves staring down the wrong end of the barrel of a gun or imprisoned in a mental institution.

What I like to call “radical equality” is not just a tenet of LiberaloProgressivism, it the very heart and soul of the program, the base of the pyramid, the coughing, wheezing engine of the junky old jalopy.  And it is, of course, impossible to achieve in reality, in this universe.  Bob brings in Rand for a few devastating, well-chosen words:

They turn the word into an anti-concept: they use it to mean, not political, but metaphysical equality—the equality of personal attributes and virtues, regardless of natural endowment or individual choice, performance and character. It is not man-made institutions, but nature, i.e., reality, that they propose to fight—by means of man-made institutions.

And to bring this back to the beginning, but now hopefully with more understanding, this is why three-year-old children and 80-year-old nuns are groped equally by TSA at the airport, why less-qualified people are given jobs and college placements over the more qualified based on race, color, “gender”, national origin and “sexual preference”, why actually enforcing federal law at the border is “racist” and a thousand other outrages, large and small, that most Americans, and Europeans, have become largely inured to over the last 50 years.

It cannot stand, and it will not stand.  The Tea Party and the revolt at the airports are signs that we are not “sheeple” and that perhaps we are awakening now to the reality outside of progressive/liberal fantasyland, the reality of human difference and hard, cold fact and nasty religious bullies that won’t stop because we apologize for the “Crusades.”  And for that matter, plenty of other evil people that won’t stop what they’re doing because we have a sign in the window that says “War is not the Answer.”

When the Confederates tried to secede from the United States, war was the answer.  One does wonder, if BHO or Jimmuh Kotter had been president instead of Lincoln, would negotiations have been opened and the Dept. of Peace established and would there now be 12 million slaves from Virginia to New Mexico to Honduras?

There is a reality, outside of of human hopes and dreams and desires, outside of our fantasies of no child left behind and imagining nothing to kill or die for, above us only sky.  When a tree falls in a forest, it does make a fucking sound, whether anyone is there to hear it or not.  When Janet Napolitano gropes your wife’s crotch, it does not make us safer from Muslim terrorists.

Don’t teach your children to celebrate diversity, teach them to celebrate reality.


Posting Will Be Heavy

Sooo–we got Mike headed to Florida and temporarily off the blog ether, John Doe sporadically posting from Sin City, The inimitable Lipton Tea Bag missing in action

There is only one thing a man can do in this situation:  Suck it up and post his ass off.

Let us begin.

Oklahoma City Mayor says no to Lingerie Football League.  Why?  “Too many problems to list.”  Look, I don’t know if Hizzoner is a fag or just a misogynist (who designs those hideous clothes for women, eh?), but the LFL is empowering to women in so many ways, I can’t begin to list them all in This Space.  Women showing they can play tackle football, formerly an exclusive enclave of male power, while still celebrating their femininity.  They’re at once hot, and tough. Manly men like our readers, and Feminists can all agree, for once.  You be the judge:


The Toughness


Women working together, as a team, can only speed America on the way to its Inevitable Progressive Future:

Did I mention the mental toughness required?  Isn’t that what feminists are looking to instill in today’s girls?

And yet, after the struggle, opponents can share a moment of comradeship, like Grant and Lee and their men at Appomattox:

No need to thank me, Feminists, I’m only doing it for the Good of Humankind.


Because WE Can (Dedicated to VoR)

For a guy who talks so much about his “bestest daughter” you sure do post a lot of scandalous pictures of other guys’ daughters. Dirty prick.

Thus, the commentary of “VoR” (Voice of Reason?  Vassal of Ridiculousness?) on my entirely wholesome and, dare I say, intellectual post celebrating the awesomeness that is Danica McKellar.

As almost everybody knows, every girl is some Daddy’s daughter and eventually, they grow up to be big girls.  I have no problems or hang-ups about looking at adult women.  So this one’s for you VoR, because WE can!

Amanda Carrier - keep up the good work!