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Is this how it’s going to happen?

Christine O’Donnell has won the Republican primary in Delaware. Karl Rove was interviewed on Hannity, where he bad-mouthed O’Donnell, apparently she has problems. Well don’t they all?

Castle has been in DC since I was in diapers; does anyone actually believe this man even remembers what Conservative values mean?

O’Donnell is a neophyte that can’t possibly be elected. Well, we have heard that before haven’t we.

The blogosphere has been on fire lately about this race, much to my surprise, it seems it will be the determining senate seat.       

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The GZ Mosque is a POLITICAL ACT not Religious freedom

The Elites in the MSM and the halls of power have been berating all who disagree with the location of the Cordoba mosque, cultural center, whatever, as bigots. We want to end religious freedom for those that we disagree with. Well not to put to fine a point on it but, I disagree.

This is not about religion, the building of this mosque so close to the gaping crater that was once the symbol and center of American capitalism is a POLITICAL ACT, nothing more and certainly nothing less. To attempt to paint it as anything else is ridiculous and an insult to all sensible people who take the time to pay attention.

But they are “building bridges” reaching out across faiths to “promote tolerance and understanding”. Please, spare me. As many have said; reasonable people would have noticed the wide-spread resistance to this and decided those aims would be better pursued at a different site. No this about sending a message, a political message. Continue reading

It’s all been cleared up

On the way home this afternoon heard this little tidbit on Hannity that has been just eating at me since.

Hannity was nattering on (sorry he turns into backround noise after a while) quoting, what he thought were intolerant passages from the Koran to a goat hearder (didn’t catch his name) who was debating Andrew McCarthy on the GZ Mosque. The passages concerned Jews and Christians, Jihad and Sharia Hannity asks, paraphrasing “Do you think this is extreme?”

The guy answers, I shit you not, “Those passages are from a miss-translation in 1142”

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No country for young men…..

Estimates the unemployment rate for eighteen to twenty-five year olds are roughly 25% in the US. My home state of Michigan is likely higher, much higher. 

How long can this go on and the country not suffer drastic harm? Like it or not most of us here are not the future of this country; we are on the contrary, responsible to those who are.  The young men and women who are as I write this far from home defending our freedom. Say what you like about the wars we are involved in, the kids, yes kids, fighting it are remarkable people who are showing a dedication; loyalty to country and self-sacrifice that is inspiring.

We as the generation that brought them into this world and raised them owe a responsibility that I do believe is sacred.

Daily we are confronted with a decay of politics and society that is at least mind-boggling and at worst catastrophic. Our government ignores our will, calls us racist, narrow-minded and stupid.  The young voted for Obama in record numbers, not surprising really, since he was hipper and speaks a language that his opponent couldn’t master even if he had wanted to (which he didn’t).  Obama worked the young people of this country like no candidate since Kennedy.  Any who have children understand they constantly do things that vex and try their parents patience. We just wish they would grow up already. How is this to happen if a large portion can’t find work which will teach the lessons needed to become the adults all in our generation wish them to be. Continue reading