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Novel Chapter 17

Chapter Seventeen: Back on the lam Jerry didn’t have to tell me twice.  He shook my hand, same strong grip, and said keep in touch.  He said he had some information that may be of value to the police.  He … Continue reading

Novel, Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen: Jerry’s Decision

Novel, Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen: Anne’s fate I made sure I was outside of Anne’s house early enough the next morning so as not to attract attention so that I could catch her leaving for school.  I had tried several times to call … Continue reading

Novel, Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen: On the lam She brought the stuff. I went to a gas station by the express way and went directly into the Men’s Room.  I died my fair hair (with some grey on the sides) and eyebrows dark … Continue reading

Novel, Chapters 10-12

Chapter Ten: “It’s a long way to Richmond” After stopping to put on my boots, I hauled ass out of that general vicinity.  I knew roughly how to get back to Route 250.  I circled around, steering clear of the … Continue reading

Novel, Chapter 8-9

  Chapter Eight: On the road again The days and nights were getting cooler.  After my run in with the ranger I moved my camp deeper into the woods.  I was pretty certain that nobody had seen the car yet; … Continue reading

Novel, Chapter 7

[Remember, if you just started you can read the rest by clicking at the top of the page where it says Novel, Chapters 1-7] Chapter Seven: Living in the lap of luxury I spent the next several days camping in … Continue reading

Novel, Chapter 6

Chapter Six: Finally, I catch a break The tenseness on her face seemed to melt away.  She gave a sigh, and I heard a muffled click.  I had not noticed that her right hand had been in her baggy pant … Continue reading

Novel, Chapter 5

[I keep hoping that posting what I’ve already done will get me past the writers’ block that has me held up at chapter 17… Just warning all y’all.]    Chapter Five: Crazy I drove hard for about ten minutes until … Continue reading

Novel Chapters 3-4

Chapter Three: Big Trouble Now  [REMEMBER, if you missed any chapters, go to the top of the page and click on “Novel” which will have all of the chapters together.]  I guessed that they were still back at the pond, … Continue reading