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Sometimes I am soooo cutting edge that I scare myself: MORE evidence of political payback in decision about which Chrysler dealerships get closed

For you liberals, it is called “thinking for yourself” instead of lapping up what the dailykos and HuffPo tell you to think.  Last week I posted about how a Republican Chrysler dealership owner that was discontinued was a Republican member … Continue reading

Republican U.S. Representative from Florida losing his Chrysler dealership

Obama wouldn’t be so devious. Would he?  Rep. Vern Buchanan, Venice Florida.  It has been there 10 years, and typically has average sales of over 700 vehicles per year, more than twice the national average for Chrysler dealerships.  What “proof” … Continue reading

Coulda shoulda woulda…

In an alternate universe, if Obama was not such a puppet and if his advisers had more brains, if Nancy Pelosi wasn’t so drunk on the blood of virgins, and Harry Reid wasn’t such a numskull, the upcoming elections could … Continue reading

Robin of Berkeley rocks!

I love Robin of Berkeley. Love her style. Love how she escaped out of liberalism.  Love the light she shines on the cancer that is liberalism.  I’ll bet the liberals hate her.  Her latest wonderful article at American Thinker illustrates what I  have … Continue reading

Unions are killing us

Doug Ross has a great article about the crushing cost of union pensions in New Jersey.  Here’s one example of a union member in New Jersey, under his subtitle “How’s this for an investment”:  “You pay a total of $124,000 … Continue reading

What NOT to do during your first year as President of the United States, By Barack Obama

After voting today I was feeling nostalgic. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and G.O.P. victory is in the air. And it made me think of all the bumbles and fumbles and miscues that Obama has made over … Continue reading

Cash for Clunkers

Since “Cash for Clunkers” supposedly “works” so well, why stop there? I heard some liberal moron (sorry for the redundancy) exclaiming yesterday that the Cash for Clunkers worked better than any other stimulus the government had devised so far.  The GWB “stimulus checks” had … Continue reading

President Obama: Snake Oil Salesman

Like       your current health insurance? You can keep it! No insurance? We’ll insure you at no charge! Dislike deductibles and co-pays? No worries, Mate! We’ll cover them for you! It’s a crisis! The world will come to an end if … Continue reading

HOW freakin old am I?

I was less than a week old the last time the Detroit Lions won the NFL Championship!  Notice almost all the men attending the game wore Fedora’s? Notice the what we would now consider classic autos driving by in first … Continue reading

The (FUCKING) Emperor has no clothes

A man in a black robe just stood up to the Emperor of America, and precious few Americans bothered to notice.  From ““: “Judge Robert Drain ordered Delphi to hold an auction and allow bids to challenge the government-brokered sale … Continue reading