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A loss of objectivity caused Republicans to support Mitt Romney

Losing has an eye-opening effect.  Like waking up the next morning lying next to a strange fat ugly woman, it makes one  think: “What was I thinking?”  Mitt was bad, as in butt-ugly, 70 lbs of lard ass bad, and we acted like he was the second coming of Reagan.

Who the fuck runs the Republican Party? They should be tarred and feathered and run out-of-town, only because shooting them is too good for them.  None–absofuckinglutely NONE of the candidates in the primaries– were worth two tonnes of chicken shit.  Sure, maybe Mitt was the best of that worthless lot to people who weren’t paying attention, but he was objectively a very bad nominee.  And here is a clue, folks, he probably would have been a worthless President.  He likely would have come in and cowed down to the lamestream media, and compromised with the demoncraps, and feuded with the Tea Party, and sucked up to the Establishment, and nominated squishy “moderates” to the bench, and generally muddled around doing nothing of import, and when the economy was still shitty in four years the Republican Party would be thrown out summarily as being entirely to blame.

Any sane person would think that at least Romney would not be as big of a fuck up as Obama.  But betting on the sanity of voters in America is an iffy proposition.  However, take away that reason to vote for Romney (I admit it was a very BIG reason, and it should have carried the election for Romney) and from the average non-political person’s perspective Romney was not much to inspire confidence.  What did he stand for? All his speeches were platitudes about sweet nothingness, little more than trust the devil you don’t know more than the devil you do know.  He has flip-flopped more than Flipper on dry land.  Sure, so has B. Hussein Obamster, but the MSM lets him get away with it.

Romney really has no core.  He thinks he knows best, and that he would do the right thing when the time came, but he could not tell us beforehand what that “right thing” would be. He would just know it when he saw it and we would have to trust him on that. Yeah, to the little guy out on the street who gets his news from the local rag and who is living (barely) from paycheck to paycheck, that’s sure a winning Presidential election message: Trust the slick-haired snake-oil salesman with the hidden off shore tax evading bank accounts to “do the right thing.”  And we honestly were shocked that he lost?

p.s. a silver lining in this–the economy sucks, baaaad.  It is going to get worse.  The Dems in the WH and Senate should get the majority of the blame.  The House can keep much some a little of Obama’s illegal activities in check in the meantime, and there are always the midterm elections, and the ’16 election. If we survive as a nation that long…

Captain John Doe