This needs to go viral.

Stacy on the Right

This is the best video I have ever seen by a child.  Clearly her parents have done an excellent job getting her to think for herself, speak and think clearly and analyze facts.

via 13-Year-Old Jenny Gives Report Cards to Obama and Romney – YouTube.

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  1. Methinks this lovely young lady has been brainwashed towards Romney ?Obama inherited the biggest mess from the Republican Bush and it will take many more years to rectify the mess he left! This involved the whole world in financial troubles ,it almost toppled us here in Australia but thank God for a strong economy that Howard left us …..which is slowly being eroded by Labour government here. Give Obama another term and he will probably surprise you.

  2. Obama could only blame Bush for the first year or so. After that, everything he did is on him. No economic policy, no foreign policy. Obama has done everything he can to undermine America’s domestic energy policy.

  3. “think for herself.” Brwahahahahahahahahah

  4. @Eric Palmer (funny you list yourself over on that other blog at Anne Palmer but it has the same exact words)
    Reagan never blamed Carter for the awful mess that was left by a Carter Administration, he just pulled up his boot straps, got to work and fixed the economy. But Obama blames everyone but himself, 4 years and he still is blaming Bush, after the first year learning curve it was all on him. He continued to make it worse. He gave US taxpayer dollars to overseas companies, in the name of stimulus, and it did not help America at all, it was just a reward for the overseas donations during his 2008 run for the Presidency. He gave billions to “green” companies here, that made owners rich, but never got their company off the ground, some of those companies never produced a single product.

    The 13 year old girl may have learned from her parents, but brainwashed? No. What is brainwashing is those students when asked about Obama, say Obama is great, and then asked what has he done, and they have absolutely no idea. They follow him blindly, that is being brainwashed

  5. This is a hoax. It was created by a company called Follow her youtube account to the goggle + Link, you’ll see she has two followers. One of those followers works at and 3 of THAT ladyies followers works at as well. is a company that produces attack ad for Republicans. Jenny has not done her homework. She was paid, and this is a script. Follow the FB thread here.

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