Daily Archives: July 7, 2012

Judge Posner you ignorant slut

“Poor, poor dear little old Chief Justice Roberts,” chimes in Judge Posner, “the right wing has turned on him! What is a poor deal little old Chief Justice to do when  those he thought were his friends turn on him?”

You are no friend when your buddy decides to jump off a cliff onto rocks below. You are no friend when he thinks drinking that entire fifth of Jack Daniels in one sitting is the right thing to do.  You are not “goofy” for pointing out that playing White Knight to that biker chick who is getting beaten up by her Hell’s Angels biker dudes is a wise choice.  Chief Justice Roberts needs a good old intervention from his asinine Obamacare decision and all Judge Posner can do is whine about those intervening.

Face it Judge, Roberts’ decision was asinine. Nobody–nobody–else in the entire world agreed with him.  He basically pulled that line of “reasoning” out of his ass. He chickened out. He lost courage. He wrote the dissent, then switched sides and wrote the majority opinion. He talked out of both sides of his ass and then when he gets called on it Judge Posner whiiiiines that the right wing is “nutty” for calling him on it.