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Obama does queer marriage

for $15 million in campaign donations… Koch’s Tour via Doug Ross’ Director Blue

Why men should go for younger women (and not marry)

Who doesn’t remember Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun back in 1986? Who didn’t have a crush on Kelly McGillis (BEFORE I knew she was a carpet muncher)? Well here is a recent picture of both of them. Men age well. Women spoil.  Drop the old hag and find a younger one. Or two…


New Composite Photo of Barack Obama’s “girlfriend”

via iowntheworld  [Better put some coke on that.]


Great new website directs to some of the best articles on the net

Delusiondamage is geared towards the “manosphere” but it routinely links to some of the most interesting articles out there. Click on a few links and I guarandamntee you that you will be hooked, too.  I’m so impressed I am adding it to my official links. 


Scumbag Cupid