Another of our patented DUMBASS DOUGIE MATACONIS posts

We here at Smash Mouth Politics have been calling a dumbass a DUMBASS long before calling him a dumbass was cool.   Doug Ross is waaaay to gentlemanly to stoop to such levels, but in his own kind way he points out what a tool Dumbass Dougie Mataconis is.  So go ahead you little queer-bait, publish your assinine little opinions at your blog that nobody reads. Here I’ll even give you a little linky love so that others can see your idiocityyyyyyyyy. 

But we have no compunction against calling an ignorant tool and ignorant tool, and we have been doing it since that little twerp first crawled out from under whatever little collection attorney rug he crawled out from under.  See, e.g., this classic, “Doug Mataconis, Dumbass of the Year?” from 2009.   Or this classic, “I REALLY  get tired of pointing out that Doug Mataconis is a freaking idiot!”  And who can forget “Doug Mataconis: Smash Mouth’s Real Man of Genius!”

Do not hold your breath Mr. Ross for that apology from “Dumbass Dougie” (a Registered Trademark of we here at Smash Mouth).  Dumbass Dougie is too freaking stupid to realize when he has made a mistake, or been used as a tool of the left. It has always cracked me up when those on the right consider him to even be remotely a “conservative” blogger. He is a green-plaid polyster suit wearing collection attorney, who barely even passed the bar, and who can’t try a real case if it bit him on the ass. The only thing “conservative” about Dumbass Dougie is his libertarianism on social issues. On all other issues he is squarely in the Demoncrap corner.

One response to “Another of our patented DUMBASS DOUGIE MATACONIS posts

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