Whose voice was that screaming on the 911 tape, Zimmerman’s or Martin’s??

I did a google search and about the first several hundred references were all saying that the voice was NOT George Zimmerman’s voice.  The media came up with two supposed “voice experts” who claimed that the voice was not Zimmerman’s voice. Also, the murder charges state that Martin’s family affirmatively have identified the voice as that of Martin.   Open and shut case, right? Not so fast.

The voice expert who used a machine to eliminate George Zimmerman as the person screaming has some serious holes in the facts used to come up with his opinion.  He compared the 911 voice of a calm and non-stressed  George Zimmerman to the stressed out and screaming for his life voice and concluded that they only match 48%, and he would need a 90% plus match before he could say that the two voices were the same person. 

However, in a previous court case where Mr. Owen was attempting to determine if a party to a lawsuit was the same voice as one on an answering machine, Mr. Owen demanded that the person to be tested give at least six (6) voice exemplars of the exact same words used on the answering machine, using the same cadence and intonations, so that Mr. Owens could properly test and compare the two voices.  This is a crucial point: In a lawsuit, before Mr. Owen could properly test and compare one voice with another, he needed the exact same words said in the exact same way.  But when not preparing to testify and just giving his asshole opinion he did not need the exact same words, said in the exact same way. Hmmm, one exemplar was under no stress, in an ordinary conversation, the other was under extreme duress while fighting for his life, and he wonders why they are not an exact match?  

Here is a great point made by another unknown “audio expert” (the points are good whether the person is really an expert or even just a figment of that author’s imagination): 

“There is no way to really now [sic know, or compare now?] unless you have a comparative analysis with Trayvor Martin’s voice” he said. Additionally this expert told me that voices can change under stress because of the surge of adrenaline. He asked me, “You’ve heard the term, ‘Screamed like a little girl”? he said, “Well under stress voice pitches can distort sounding higher than normal.” “Zimmerman’s voice on the 911 call is low and hushed, which in itself is a distortion of his real voice.”

“Under the two extremes, low and hushed and screaming, there is simply no way to say absolutely that the voice on the 911 call is Zimmerman’s but neither can you say with certainty that it’s not.”

In other words, Tom Owens, the so-called expert, using the exact same criteria that he himself used in when attempting to form an opinion in a legal case, does not have a sufficiently similar exemplar to compare George Zimmerman talking calmly on the phone vs. an unknown person screaming. 

The other expert just based his opinion on listening to compare Zimmerman’s voice while speaking calmly to the high-pitched screams. His opinion? The voice screaming was high-pitched and therefore of a boy and not a man.  First, a seventeen year old who is 6 feet tall is quite likely for all intents and purposes “a man.”  Give me a break. Now “experts” can tell which person’s voice is screaming based upon which man is younger?  What a joke.  As an ex-lawyer I can’t tell you how easy it is to get an expert to give you ANY opinion that you want. If I was Zimmerman’s family I would hire an expert to say that it WAS Zimmerman in order to stop the pollution of the potential jury pool. 

Whose voice was it screaming for help? I do not know. 

The Martin family (per the murder charge) claims that the voice screaming was Martin.  However, Zimmerman’s friend, and a separate eye-witness, claim that the voice screaming for help is Zimmerman’s.  An  eye-witness claims that the man on the bottom was wearing red and screaming for help.  Zimmerman wore red and Martin a grey hoody. 

Curiously, another eye-witness concludes that the voice was the younger boy’s voice, not “the man’s voice.”  She also claims that “the larger man” was on top during the struggle.  Her conclusion seems to be based upon the assumption that Zimmerman, the older man, must have had the lower voice and been the larger man, and that Martin must have had the higher pitched voice and the smaller body.  “It was the younger, more youthful voice, than it was the deep voice [that was screaming for help].  However, Zimmerman has been reported to be 5’9” and Martin is reportedly listed in the police report at 6′ (and he was a football player).    

At least one police report listed Zimmerman as bleeding from his nose and back of his head, with wet and grass on the back of his shirt.  That would be consistent with Zimmerman’s story that he was on the ground with Martin on top beating him. 

The first to arrive was officer Timothy Smith. From Smith’s report:

“While I was in such close contact with Zimmerman, I could observe that his back appeared to be wet and was covered in grass, as if he had been laying on his back on the ground. Zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and back of his head.”

“Zimmerman was placed in the rear of my police vehicle and was given first aid by the SFD. While the SF was attending to Zimmerman, I overheard him state, ‘I was yelling for someone to help me, but no one would help me.’ At no point did I question Zimmerman about the incident that had taken place.”

Sorry, folks, unless the jury consists of twelve African RacistAmericans and/or all liberal democraps, Zimmerman is going to walk. Reasonable doubt is ooooozing from the facts of this case.  If a bigger man is on top of you punching you and knocking your head into the ground, you are well justified in fearing for your life and shooting him. 

Also, the character of the victim becomes relevant when the defense claims self-defense.  The main stream media is hiding the character of Trayvon Martin. 

Take a look at some of the pictures that the media does not want you to see about this poor dear child.  Pictures do not mean that he deserved it, or that Zimmerman was not guilty of manslaughter, but they sure as hell are relevant. 

What do I think happened? I think Zimmerman was playing cop and followed Martin when he should have just let him go.  I think Martin saw Zimmerman following him, got suspicious that Zimmerman was going to attack him, and laid in wait and attacked Zimmerman before Zimmerman could attack him.  I don’t blame Martin. If some guy is following me at night, I might have done the same thing.  And then tried to beat the shit out of him before he could do likewise to me.  Unfortunately for Martin, Zimmerman was armed and shot Martin in self-defense. 

That’s my two cents worth, what’s yours?

WHOOOOOAAAAHHH!! here is an update where a TV reporter claims that a police officer played the 911 tape for Trayvon Martin’s father, and the officer claims that Martin’s father said the voice was not his son’s voice!!!!!!!!!

Here is another update: Two witnesses claim that they saw Zimmerman sitting on Martin’s back, with Martin face down. I suppose that could be reconciled with the other eyewitness in that they saw him after Martin was shot–maybe he climbed on Martin to make sure he did not get up?   Also, the tape  shows Martin’s parents being asked if that was Martin’s voice on the tape.  Only Martin’s mother responds, saying the voice was that of “my baby, every mother knows the sound of her baby’s voice.” Curiously, the father does not answer the question of whether he thought it was his son’s voice.  (Being an ex-lawyer, I notice such things. Course he would not answer if he already told the cops he did not think it was his son’s voice.)  I think clearly there is enough to go to a jury since there is a conflict in the witnesses’ testimony.  The credibility of conflicting eye-witnesses is almost always a question for the jury to decide.

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