Going Breitbart

Fuck “going Galt” (wetf that means), I say we all “Go Breitbart.”  You know, get in the faces of those weeny assed grily-men who populate the Democrat party. Take the fight to them. Investigate them. Put them on the defensive.  Attack attack attack. Let’s go to the liberal protests with 5 smelly hippies and 357 MSNBC  correspondents covering the “event.” And kick their asses, verbally.  Andrew was a fighter. I’m proud that he was on my side. I’m ashamed that he did so much but I do so little.

5 responses to “Going Breitbart

  1. I’m guessing that you herd of the videos of Obama that he was going to release on March 1st… commie Obama. Do you think it was just a coincidence that he died the same day?

    Who is the real Obama???

    Maybe, Obama was and is a CIA Operative just like Grandpa and Mommy. The Black Panthers in Chicago said they knew he was a plant back in his old college days.

    No U.S. birth certificate…


    He has helped to turn your country into a Police State. Ramped up the effort stated by those before him.

    Good luck! I’m glad I live in Canada. However, I’m not delusional about Canada. We are just behind in some aspects by 10 or 15 years. But, our laws are changing rapidly to co-inside with the U.S.


  2. Are you going to be watching Hannity tonight???

    I’m counting the minutes.

    I hope it is unedited as promised.

  3. That’s the spirit, captain.

  4. Dennis Patrick


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