The “New Tone” from liberals

Sounds a lot like their old tone. But, lest any of my loyal readers tend to forget what scum liberals are, I bring you some of their comments regarding the untimely death of The Conservative Lion, Andrew Breitbart.

As news broke this morning of the tragic death of Conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart, liberals celebrated the news on Twitter.

The most influential tweet came from Slate’s Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias), who tweeted: “Conventions around dead people are ridiculous. The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart dead.”

AlmightyBob ‏ @AlmightyBoob : @AndrewBreitbart haha youre dead and in hell being a gay with hitler

Jeff Glasse ‏ @jeffglasse : Andrew Breitbart now enjoying afternoon tea with Hitler #goodriddanceyouhack

@darrenfiorello: Andrew Breitbart died? Is it wrong that I’m happier about that than when they got bin Laden and Saddam?

Kellie Allen @thirtyseven : Breitbart helped destroy the career of someone I know. Good riddance, scumraker.

Scott On Da Rox  @ridinchillwaves : RT GOOD RIDDANCE..fascist prick @Gawker: Andrew Breitbart Dead?

Josh M ‏ @TheSocialest : Good riddance Breitbart. Hopefully they put James O’Keefe in your casket.

John Kapp ‏ @johnkapp : Andrew Breitbart was a racist, sexist, homophobe. Good riddance.

Gabriel ‏ @gabriel0923 : Andrew #Breitbart has died having been finally consumed by his revolting hatred! The world is better off without him!

Dufus ‏ @dufus : Did we cry when Hitler died? No.. #Breitbart see you in hell asshole

Natasha Yar-Routh ‏ @xiomberg : Andrew Breitbart is dead, good riddance to bad trash. He was a vile excuse for a human being

Dave Lartigue ‏ @daveexmachina : Andrew Breitbart has died. Honestly, good riddance. He helped poison the country where I live and we are better off without him.

Lalo Alcaraz ‏ @laloalcaraz RT @Mfusion66: RIP Breitbart? Nah, too good to be true

vtred ‏ @vtred1 : Good riddance to Andrew Breitbart – a McCarthyite nutcase.

Sean Paul Kelley ‏ @seanpaulkelley Andrew Breitbart has died:… If so, good riddance.

CpG ‏ @Crow1138 : I know it’s wrong, but good riddance “@cnnbrk: Conservative blogger Andrew #Breitbart has died, attorney says.”

7 responses to “The “New Tone” from liberals

  1. Unfreakin’ unbelievable…well…no, from the leftist loons, it’s quite believable.


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  3. Disgraceful shit. And I’m a liberal.

  4. Oh ya Mike you are a liberal and I am the queen of England! Just happened to be posting on a far right hate site.. Like the far right hasnt been peddling hate and lies and racism and bigotry for years..Does the name Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh ring a bell?
    Here is what I want to put on his tombstone for all the lies and distortions he has created,.,.not that such things bother the likes of the bigots here.

  5. Fuck off you little cunt. While Teddy Kennedy is down there getting dry humped by Hitler and Stalin Breitbart will be sipping beer with the angels.

  6. Paul, I have read all of you comments on this blog and will anot waste my time by responding to all… so, here it goes…

    Paul if you weren’t so arrogant I might feel some pity for for you because of your ignorance.

    Wake up Paul!! Mainstream news and the government has been brainwashing you with their propaganda your whole life.

    Do a little reading;

    After you have read a few book you ignorant hypocritical FUCK then come back here a judge us.

    P.S. John, I have been gone for more then a week taking care of my Father who just had his second knee replaced and my Mother with MS. I see I have missed quite a bit.

  7. Captain John Doe

    Tricia honey, your comment was trapped in moderation until I rescued it. Sorry to hear about your parents, but it must comfort them to have the sweetest little gal for a daughter. Whenever you cite to something the censor gets suspicious that you are spam.

    p.s. Love your potty mouth when it is totally warranted. 🙂

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