Because I can

One MORE for the road…

8 responses to “Because I can

  1. You have paired up my favourite picture of myself with one of the funniest baby pictures ever….

    It is a rather odd coupling though.

  2. I don’t really know a tactful way of saying this but, that girl has a really nice pussy 😉

  3. takes one to know one?

  4. Ooops. Tricia, please tell me that I did not piss you off. I’m one of your biggest fans…

  5. I’ve been called worse. No, you can’t anger me that easily. I’m not that sensitive.

    You did make me laugh though by asking.

    You’re so cute.

  6. “Some girls don’t like boys like me… awww, but some girls do”

  7. A sense of humour is very attractive… combined with a conservative political view and an intellectual… irresistible.

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