!I support Newt’s attacks on Romney

I am un-decided which candidate I favor in the primary, but I’m firmly in the “anybody but Romney” camp. Funny, last election I favored Romney over McCain and that idiot Huckleberry what’s his name. But now that more conservative politicians are running, I favor any of them (except that moon-bat Ron Paul).  And I think that Newt should continue being a man and attack Romney for his work at Bain.

It is not often that I disagree with Rush, but I do not see Newt’s attack on Romney as anti-capitalist, or befitting a leftist, or pandering to the 99%ers against the 1%ers.  It is a valid criticism that should be brought up in the primaries. If it makes Romney un-electable, let’s find out now.  Obama is going to throw it in his face and Romney needs to learn to handle it.  Primaries are for vetting candidates.  Al Gore first brought up the “Willie Horton” charges against Dukakkis. 

What a man does for a career says much about who he is. If Romney made millions selling porn magazines or boot-legging whiskey, attacks on his career would not be considered anti-capitalism (well, if his name was Kennedy and he lived in Massachusetts the latter would be off-limits as a line of attack).  It sounds to me like  Romney was the epitome of “Edward” in “Pretty Woman,” continually buying businesses and then gutting them and selling their parts and killing off jobs.

Republicans are being stupid again. We are allowing the lamestream media to pick our candidate for us again. Remember how the press adored McCain in the primaries? Then they vicously turned on him once he became our candidate? They are doing the same to Romney. Never vetting him, not saying anything negative about him, lulling us into nominating him.

Also, conservatives split their votes last time, many stupid asses going for Huckleface and others for Romney, giving the nomination to McCain on a silver platter. And the Republicans are doing the same old bull shit about nominating the next in line, ala Bob Dole, Gerald Ford  and McCain.  STOP! Romney only won ONE election in his life, as a liberal in Taxachusetts. He refused to run for a second term because  he was so unpopular.

I say get all the conservative candidates together (except Paul–ban him from the party) NOW and get them to band behind a single candidate and all others drop out.  Let’s coalesce around a more conservative candidate and defeat the more liberal candidate. And yes, I am taking for granted that Romney is a liberal. Who the fuck does not believe that? He’s from Massachusetts, for Gawd’s sake. Stop this Obama-lite dude in his cardigan tracks now before it is too late.

Don’t make me stay home come election day. I ain’t holding my breath and voting for the lesser of two evils–as I did in the last presidential election–EVER AGAIN.

p.s. WTF? pandering to the blacks much? http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/01/romney-gives-unemployed-woman-cash-on-ropeline/

5 responses to “!I support Newt’s attacks on Romney

  1. Unfortunately, I find myself repeating myself, but the Conservative parties in North America (hell, even in Europe) are way too liberal. Anyways, whether the President ends up being Conservative or Liberal (for all our sake, please, please be conservative) they pretty much do the same things – puppets.

    I really enjoyed the video link – did you notice that in the very begining the black woman said that she was praying to God from him to tell her how to get a license, while she was driving on the highway and she stopped at a stop sign… What is she doing driving without a license? It just nice to know that poor black criminals support Mitt Romney. What a great endorsement.

    “I’m so black I can’t afford a refrigerator but I can afford a wig”. “By the way, I need you to pay my light bill.”

  2. Hey, she’s from South Carolina. There are all kinds of kooks down there, right Mike? (Tricia, he’s from SC).

    • Hey, I resemble that remark! 😉 Seriously, I’m a transplant to SC. I’m originally from the Liberally Progressive state of California. But somehow I managed to shake off whatever it is they put in the water out there.

      Mike G.

  3. I had to go and didn’t have time to answer your question last night; “p.s. WTF? pandering to the blacks much?”

    They are pandering to the blacks because they a good portion of the people that voted for Obama were blacks that had never voted before. Mitt Romney’s is hoping to get their votes and his people think this woman may help with that 😉

    These Obama supporters are the same blacks who celebrated O.J. Simpson when he was found not guilty of almost beheading his ex-wife and the man that was visiting her. Not because he was innocent, just because a black man beat whitey.

  4. As the last standing member of Camp Perry, I hear you 1000%. 🙂

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