Froma Harrop, liberal trollop

For the one or two people in America who still don’t read “Hot Air”, here is yet another reason why you should [although it HAS gone to shit since Michelle sold it].  I laughed my fucking ass off. And the funny thing is, this bitch is sooooooooo fucking stupid that she does not see the irony hypocrisy in what she says.

3 responses to “Froma Harrop, liberal trollop

  1. I’m unable to view the video because of my location (Canada), I tried looking ti up on youtube, but had no success.

    From reading your blog, I most likely would have agreed with you.

  2. Wow! If this is unedited this woman is an hypocritical idiot, at best.

    But, what can you except from a Journalist though? Most, if not all, main stream “Journalists” do not do basic fact checking anymore and most of their “reporting” is opinion based. Ignorance or just propaganda.

    Like I said yesterday, “I most likely would have agreed with you” if I had watched the video – Thank you because I have now and this bitch is fucking stupid.

  3. I wondered where the Nazis are hiding out these days..and the KKK and the racists and bigots..I see I found you ignorant cowards here..

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