“I am a Tebowist”

By DJ Gallo at ESPN [ESPN published that? Those ungodly liberals?!]

I sometimes wonder if he makes all those mistakes in the first three quarters because he is setting up some kind of trap for the opposing team. I am a Tebowist.

I think it’s funny that Tim Tebow has more wins this season than Michael Vick and more wins over the past month than Tom Brady. I am a Tebowist.

I wonder if Tim Tebow is an Internet troll who grew huge muscles and became a football player and is currently engaged in an epic prank on the NFL and football media. I am a Tebowist.

I think it’s amazing that despite playing in eight games this season and starting five, Tim Tebow still doesn’t have enough pass attempts to qualify for the list of NFL passer rating leaders. I am a Tebowist.

I think it’s hilarious that if Tim Tebow did show up in the list of NFL passer rating leaders, he would be listed ahead of Joe Flacco, Sam Bradford, Josh Freeman and Colt McCoy. I am a Tebowist.

5 responses to ““I am a Tebowist”

  1. Hey J Dee…
    Yer still kickin…?
    Damn I thought you’d been… “left for dead” somewhere near “Vegas” months ago…?

    Hugs, Mother…!
    Gramps sends, best regards…!

  2. Yeah, Gramps, my history in the past few months should be the topic of a new post. My family found me living under an overpass, pissing myself because I was so drunk all the time. They held an intervention, kept me secluded for months (the DTs were only bad for the first 100 days). At long last, almost a year to the day since I quit my day job, I am once again gainfully employed. Somewhere in SW Florida. In a bunker near you, or one of your friends or relatives. Hide your wimmen and chitlins.

  3. S.W. Florida, eh…
    Yes… I have a beautiful “chitlin” that lives in that vicinity.
    I’m gonna send up a warning flare, for her…
    Hugs & bumps, Gramps sends…!

  4. Ha ha ha…
    You call “lawyerin”…gainful employment…?
    He he he…! 😉

  5. Gainful, maybe…? 😉
    Anything else, is more than rather dubious…!

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