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Stealing $1.2 Billion: So easy, even a cave man can do it…


Don’t you DARE pull that GEICO shit on me!  I’m a “progressive.” I advise Obamster on the economy. I’m hip. I’ve got 326,000 kazillion dollars worth of gold hidden in offshore accounts. Yeah, I look and act like a cave man, but I’m a demoncrap, so nobody will do a damn thing. See you in hell, M’F ers.

Kevin Smith, RB for Detroit Lions: Feel Good Story of The Week

Sure, sure, we all hate when pro athletes get too big for their britches, and demand gazillion dollar contracts, and then go in the tank for the rest of the year (can you say Chrissy Johnson of the Titans?).  Some grind their teeth when some million dollar baby makes a freakin first down when his team is hopelessly behind in the fourth quarter and he celebrates as though he just scored the game winning T.D. in over time.  Others are really grated when some over-paid prima donna refuses to give a kid his autograph. Well, to somewhat counteract those feelings, I give you Kevin Smith.  Here’s how he celebrated his best game evuh.







Yup, that’s him thanking God.  You see, he was out of football, not offered a job by any of the thirty two professional teams. He was not offered a contract by the Lions this year, and nobody else wanted him. He had the choice to either keep working out religiously ever day, five days a week, or to move on with his life and give up his dream of playing football. He stuck to his dream, got a shot when Detroit’s top two running backs got injured, and the rest is history.

Study Hard Children


And in other news, “Pigs Fly” and “Hell Froze Over!”

Must be some mistake, but those commie pinko faggots over at “The Daily Beast” allowed somebody to author an article that actually makes sense: “What Occupy Harvard Should Tell Liberal Elite Parents On Thanksgiving.”  I’m not saying I agree with it entirely, but it makes many good points. I’m sure if the author is employed there, he will soon be fired, or if a guest author, he will not be invited back. We all know those pinko-faggots cannot stand any truth-telling at thier circle-jerks.

“I am a Tebowist”

By DJ Gallo at ESPN [ESPN published that? Those ungodly liberals?!]

I sometimes wonder if he makes all those mistakes in the first three quarters because he is setting up some kind of trap for the opposing team. I am a Tebowist.

I think it’s funny that Tim Tebow has more wins this season than Michael Vick and more wins over the past month than Tom Brady. I am a Tebowist.

I wonder if Tim Tebow is an Internet troll who grew huge muscles and became a football player and is currently engaged in an epic prank on the NFL and football media. I am a Tebowist.

I think it’s amazing that despite playing in eight games this season and starting five, Tim Tebow still doesn’t have enough pass attempts to qualify for the list of NFL passer rating leaders. I am a Tebowist.

I think it’s hilarious that if Tim Tebow did show up in the list of NFL passer rating leaders, he would be listed ahead of Joe Flacco, Sam Bradford, Josh Freeman and Colt McCoy. I am a Tebowist.