Who will pay for Obama’s jobs bill? Let’s get Warren to pay for it!

Warren Buffett has been complaining that his taxes are too low.  Obama even mentioned that in his speech.  And Buffett’s company is fighting the IRS over hundreds of billions of unpaid taxes.  I see an opportunity for a win-win situation. I’m reminded of the old commercial starring Mikey…

“You pay for it?”

“I’iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim not gonna pay for it!”

“You pay for it?”

“I’iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim not gonna pay for it!!!”

“I know! Let’s get Mikey, er, The Oracle of Omaha to pay for it!”

“The Oracle won’t pay taxes!  He HATES paying taxes! Except when he is trying to show off and lies about wanting to actually pay more taxes. Course he never actually pays what he and his company really owes. And he never personally donates to the U.S.A. government more than he owes.  The lying hypocritical son of a bitch.  But hey, let’s go ahead and try…”

I’m guessing the response from that dirty old bastard Buffett won’t be that he likes it!

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