Feds going all “Chicago way” on Solyndra CEOs and Executives

Not sure whether feds are looking for evidence in order to hide it and protect Obama, or whether they are going Chicago on them.  “Fuck with Obama, sleep with the fishes!”  Make The One look like the money-grubbing affirmative action son of a bitch that he is, get your business raided. 

Enumerable businesses have been given huge loans by banks or private entities, and then failed and gone bankrupt. You do not see the feds raiding their businesses and personal residences.  Whatever happened to “probable cause”? The mere fact that the business failed and went bankrupt is definitely not “probable cause.”  Unless, and only unless, this is an investigation into the crookedness of the Obama Administration, these searches make the USA look like USSR. 

The fact that Solyndra got a loan from the US despite having a flawed business model is not evidence of criminal wrong-doing by the executives. But it is evidence that the government is incompetent and/or took bribes to grant the loans.  Hmmmm. Incompetence or criminal?  With Barry it is about even money either way.  That said, you need more than that to execute a search warrant.  Unless you are the fucking government that is lawless and can do whatever it wants when it wants it.

2 responses to “Feds going all “Chicago way” on Solyndra CEOs and Executives

  1. Like your take on this…it’s a perspective I hadn’t thought of.

    I dunno…there’s just so much going on in this administration it’s hard to focus. Solyndra is just one more “thing”. Read a comment the other day hoping that this presidency would grind to an embarrassing halt, while admitting that NOTHING seems to embarass them. No shame.

  2. It’s criminal. To most may look like incompetence, but they most likely don’t spend about 20+ hours a week reading non-fiction books, plus read the news – foreign and domestic and do research for fun on certain subjects.


    I was right! Most people are idiots!!

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