Obama’s “Jobs Speech” a load of crap

1. It exposes the fraud that liberals always rave about when Republicans push for tax cuts.  Remember them repeating ad nauseum that the Reagan tax cuts, and the Bush tax cuts later, “cost” the U.S. government billions of dollars?  And how they repeated the claim ad nauseum that tax cuts do not stimulate the economy?  Well, when do tax cuts stimulate the economy and not cost the U.S. government? When they are proposed by a black son of a bitch president who lived off affirmative action all his life.

2. It divides Americans by choosing to bless a few at the expense of the rest.  Instead of just cutting taxes across the board and letting people choose themselves what to do with the extra money not stolen by the government, the Obama plan chooses to use tax payer money to keep teachers (union payback), police (union payback), and road construction crews (union payback), veterans (guilt?) and the “long-term unemployed (help for Uncle Obama?). Never mind that many of them should be fired. Never mind that local governments should choose whom to hire and fire.  It is should not be the role of the federal government to be playing favorites. Give tax cuts to everybody.  Really want to stimulate the economy? Cut taxes across the board and cut governmental red tape and then get out of the way. That is how it is done. Reagan proved it.  That is one of the multitude of reasons why the liberals hate him. 

3.  It is more Central Government Control.  The know-it-alls in Washington want to dictate winners and losers.  Tax breaks for employers hiring new workers is cash-for-clunkers redux.  Those who happen to be in a position to need new workers benefit while those who do not need new workers miss out on the government largesse.  I would have loved to trade in my clunker while the program was going, but I could not afford to, while those with extra cash or credit were given a choice plum at the taxpayers’ expense. If, as Obama’s position seems to indicate, taxes are a reason why employers are not hiring, why not cut the taxes across the board? I can almost see how this is going to pan out.  Employers will fire employees, then hire replacements later on just to get the tax break.  Good job, Barry!

4.  Even in one good idea Barry Big Mind thinks he should be playing favorites, cuz he knows best! 

Hey President Knucklehead, if cutting payroll taxes will stimulate employers to hire employees, then it will work for all employers, big, medium and small. Why favor “small businesses” over larger ones? Chances are the larger the company the better run the company.  Why punish them for successful? Because Barry Knows Best.  He learned it in college and while a law school  teacher!
I am not an unbiased observer. Even the few positive portions of his speech make me gag. This guy should not be telling a country how to get out of a recession, he should be back agitating in some slum back in Chicago.  Wake me in two years when this son of a bitch gets “taken out.”

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