Daily Archives: August 4, 2011

This article changed my view of [ _________ ]

“Everyone in that room loves him,” Rep. Joe Walsh (R., Ill.), a frequent and outspoken critic of party leadership, told reporters after a recent conference meeting. And when [___________] held a conference call with members to announce the final deal, sources say, the outpouring of support from freshman members was overwhelming. The feeling is mutual. [____________] told members on the conference call that without the input and influence of the freshmen, “we never would have gotten this far.” Even those who voted against the final deal — 66 Republicans, including 28 freshmen — acknowledge this much. “This is clearly a win for all these troublesome conservative Republicans who came here to change the world,” Walsh joked. 

Excerpts above are from a Must Read, “The Un-Radical Freshman” by Andrew Stiles at NRO.

I am under no illusions that the Republicans got a good deal, or even the best deal possible, in the debt limit debate.  But at least they tried. God help us, they tried. How many times have we elected them and they give up without even trying? They changed the debate from Obama’s proposed budget that increased spending, to spending cuts.  I still have little hope that this country can survive a populace that contains majorities that are so fucking stupid that they elect the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck You Schumer and Barney Frank.  But some of the country elects representatives to fight against those abominations.  So there’s that to hope for…