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Why I don’t find China’s 1 child per family policy “repugnant”

Poor Dumbass Joe Biden really stepped in it, admitting what right thinking individuals world-wide already know: That China was right when it instituted a one new gook-commie per family limit years ago.  The White House had to try to clean up Joe’s little  mess, as if he were a Springer Spaniel who crapped on the White House rug.  But you know that is just posturing.  Obama worships the Chi-coms and would turn our country into Chi-com lite in a moment if he had the power to do so.  Our government already tells us what we can smoke and limits what we can drink and tries to govern what we can eat.  You must know that they would love to tell us how many children that we can have, and look admiringly at what balls the Chi-com government has had for so long to tell their subjects servants citizens what they can do and when they can do it.

Think about the consequences but for China’s one child per family policy for a moment.  Imagine if instead of a one per family child they had a two, or three, five or six or whatever limit. Today then instead of over one billion commies in China right now they’d have four or five or six or seven billion commies.  Why, in one fell swoop the Chi-com government did the world a bigger favor than an army of nukes ever could by limiting the number of commies world-wide.  Thank you, you gook-commies, whoever you are, who thought up that policy. 

Sure, if I actually thought of the chi-coms as humans, I might then think of all the misery that the policy has caused. I might get upset at all the abortions it has caused. I might feel sorry for all the parents who missed out on having a wonderful son as well as a perfect daughter. I might bristl at a populace so cowed by it’s ruling elite class that it accepts such a blatant theft of freedom and human autonomy without over-throwing the government and killing every last one of those commie bastards in charge.  But I don’t, ain’t gonna happen, and don’t try to change my evil ways this late in my life. 

They. Are. Just. Gook-commies to me.  If that gets me de-linked by the likes of good people (such as the Daley Gator) who are cowed by political correctness, so be it.  If we can’t be honest with each other, what good is blogging?  Now, if I met individual gook chi-coms, I would be civil and polite, and try to turn them from their godless ways.  Hell, I’d like to lead the revolution that frees China.  But collectively, as a country, until they rise up and overthrow their government, they are just like a plague of locusts to me, fit only to be watched warily, and to be smushed under foot if they invade my territory or try to spread their idiotic, unfair, and terrible ideology into my neck of the woods.

Maxine Waters: Boss Nigger Bitch Disses Tea Partiers

Stupid cunt, what part of saving the United States from bankruptcy and saving our grandchildren from owing for the things we are purchasing today does she disagree with? Nigger just wants to keep all her people on the plantation, eatin’ wiff foodstamps and welfare from Uncle Sam, wiff 50% unemployment of blacks.  Yeah, Nigger Bitch, keep right on lookin’ after your people.  You gots dem rights whea yo wants dems.

When Warren Buffett talks, grab on to your wallet

Buffett is not a concerned citizen in this debate. He has a vested interest in reinstating the Death Tax.  This excerpt of an article in the American Thinker is so good it will make you go read the entire thing (I hope).  The rest is all taken directly from that article:

Did you know that the life insurance lobby is actively lobbying to restore the estate tax? 


Why would the life insurance industry care about that? It turns out that ten percent of life insurance industry revenue is related to the estate tax. Wealthy people take out life insurance in order to reduce estate taxes because when you die, your life insurance payout doesn’t count as part of your estate.


Did you know that Warren Buffett owns six life insurance companies? Did you know he supports the estate tax? You do now.


Warren Buffett isn’t just noted as an owner of life insurance companies and a supporter of the estate tax. He’s also noted as a buyer of family businesses. As Dick Patten shows, these two business strategies support each other.


A family business owner or farmer takes out a large life insurance policy which he sinks tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into each year. When he finally passes away, the life insurance pays out his policy to his family–tax free…
Even as Mr. Buffett’s insurance companies are “protecting” family businesses from the IRS, he is buying companies that are forced to sell themselves to pay the death tax. Mr. Buffett’s ability to buy family businesses at bargain basement prices depends on families being desperate to sell-and nothing produces family businesses desperate to sell quickly like a 55% bill from the IRS on all of the businesses’ assets. 

Lawyers, Guns And Money, The Stuff Has Hit The Fan (via That Mr. G Guy’s Blog)

It just gets curiouser and curiouser.

Another piece from Bob Owens of PJM, the government let drug cartels smuggle drugs as well as guns. A Sinaloa drug cartel member is claiming that the federal government allowed the cartel to smuggle cocaine into the United States in exchange for intelligence information about rival cartels. Attorneys for Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla claim that in addition to being the drug-trafficking son of a Sinaloa cartel kingpin, Zambada was a Drug Enforcemen … Read More

via That Mr. G Guy's Blog

This article changed my view of [ _________ ]

“Everyone in that room loves him,” Rep. Joe Walsh (R., Ill.), a frequent and outspoken critic of party leadership, told reporters after a recent conference meeting. And when [___________] held a conference call with members to announce the final deal, sources say, the outpouring of support from freshman members was overwhelming. The feeling is mutual. [____________] told members on the conference call that without the input and influence of the freshmen, “we never would have gotten this far.” Even those who voted against the final deal — 66 Republicans, including 28 freshmen — acknowledge this much. “This is clearly a win for all these troublesome conservative Republicans who came here to change the world,” Walsh joked. 

Excerpts above are from a Must Read, “The Un-Radical Freshman” by Andrew Stiles at NRO.

I am under no illusions that the Republicans got a good deal, or even the best deal possible, in the debt limit debate.  But at least they tried. God help us, they tried. How many times have we elected them and they give up without even trying? They changed the debate from Obama’s proposed budget that increased spending, to spending cuts.  I still have little hope that this country can survive a populace that contains majorities that are so fucking stupid that they elect the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck You Schumer and Barney Frank.  But some of the country elects representatives to fight against those abominations.  So there’s that to hope for…