Obama’s idea of “fairness”

Imagine an armed gang that stole money from a few, took much for themselves and their friends, and then promised to give some and more in the future to others who did not own it.  Alas, the armed gang is caught, and forced to pay restitution. The “we don’t have the money anymore, we spent it, and we gave it away” excuse wouldn’t fly. And especially the excuse that “we promised to give even more money in the future when we steal more” would not fly. Imagine trying to argue with a straight face that it isn’t fair to make the burden fall solely on those who were promised ill-gotten gain in the future, so it’s only “fair” to make those who were stolen from to allow a little more theft in order for the thieves to make good on their promises.  What an absurd example, John! Nobody in their right mind would make such an argument.  Well, I never claimed Obama was in his right mind, but he makes the “argument.”

Obama claims that it “isn’t fair” for the rich to not have to sacrifice a little when we ask others to “sacrifice.”  Oops. Only problem is that one group is “sacrificing” something that they did not pay for. They are “sacrificing” Christmas presents from the government that they did not earn and do not deserve.  Comparing spending cuts to taxes is like comparing the gift recipients with the gift givers. Imagine the recipient bitching and moaning that the gift giver did not spend enough money (or thought or time) on the gift.  Or whining and moaning if the gifts were not as big as promised by a third-party (elected officials), or as big as expected, or even as big as imagined. 

But we live in a fucked up political system.  People are promised goodies by their elected officials.  Elected officials have no constraints on them. Promise the world, then worry about the deficits later, always later.

The only “fair” thing would be for all elected officials who promise constituents goodies that we can’t afford would be for them to be voted out of office (or worse, see previous post).  When Obama talks about “fairness,” grab your wallet.


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