Pat Buchanan gets it exactly right: Do not cave on tax increases

Even a blind pig finds an acorn occasionally:

“The Establishment is in a panic. It has been jolted awake to the realization that the GOP House, if it can summon the courage to use it, is holding a weapon that could enable it to bridle forever the federal monster that consumes 25 percent of gross domestic product.

“To bully and blackmail the GOP into surrendering the weapon and betraying its principles and signing on to new taxes, that establishment has unleashed rhetoric more befitting a war on terror than a political dispute.”

But if the Republicans had not taken control of congress we would not even be having any discussions about cutting the budget. Hell, we’ld probably have Porkulus II and III and IV ad nauseum.  Nobody ran on raising taxers–not the Pubs and not even the Dems. So we would not be having any discussion of raising taxes during this double dip recession.

But since the Pubs expressly campaigned on cutting government spending, suddenly Dems are trying to tie spending cuts to tax increases. The Dems don’t give a fuck about deficits.  They only care about spending increases.  And tax increases give them more to spend in the long run.  

Hold firm Republicans. The one tool that you have in your arsenal is the debt ceiling. As soon as you cave raise the debt ceiling, your leverage evaporates, and it is business back to as usual in Hog Heaven.   

2 responses to “Pat Buchanan gets it exactly right: Do not cave on tax increases

  1. I don’t know what the pic had to do with the post but I like it!

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