Obama bogeys while America burns

Darn those pesky Republicans for not raising the debt limit!

Obama and Democrat’s running away from actually proposing a budget reminds me of the classic cereal commercial for the new kind of (Life””) cereal the boys were afraid to try: “You try it?”  “I’m not gonna try, youuuuu try it!” “Hey, I know, let’s get Mikey to try it! He hates everything!” [crunch munch crunch] “He LIKES it! Hey Mikey!” [I was able to quote it almost verbatim from seeing it 35 years ago…they don’t make commercials that good very often.]  Obviously, the Republicans are Mikey, and they are the only ones proposing a budget. It is much easier to poke holes in somebody elses’ proposal than to actually propose one yourself. Besides, you can never be accused of proposing “unconscionable,” “inhumane,” “cruel,” “un-American,” “unfair” and/or “hateful” budget cuts if you never propose any budget cuts.

 Obama is a genius!  Just remember class, it’s Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin who are the real dumbies!

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