What one beggar does with his handouts

So I was taking a break outside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino this evening, trying to warm up (AC is too cold in there).  I was standing on the pedestrian way that spans East Tropicana near The Strip. There are typically 1-2 out there at all times–I know, I’ve given them donations in the past.  They have signs such as “Homeless, please help,” and always say “God bless you” when you give.

Well this day I was minding my own business, and starting to move back towards the casino, when I saw one of the beggars get up to leave, and stop to talk to another who was coming to take his place.  I did not overhear their conversation, except that the one leaving said “good luck” to the one arriving.  Then the one leaving was walking the same way I was, back into The MGM.  As he walked, he was counting his donations, it only appeared to be about $5.00. 

Since I was walking behind him anyway, I started wondering what he would do with his bounty. Would he buy food? Would he buy liquor? I suddenly wanted to know.  So instead of turning left and heading back to my game, I went straight.

I didn’t have to follow him far. He made a bee line for the nearest video poker game and had his first dollar in there before I could even blink twice.  He pulled the knobs/buttons or whatever, lost his first dollar, and slid over the machine next to it and did the exact same thing. I’d seen enough.  No more enabling the beggars outside of the MGM for me.

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