Pandering ‘Publican Pussies

”]Nobody is harder on the typical Republican politicians who change when they get to D.C.  You know the typical Pub who when elected claims that Washington won’t change him. Then he gets invited to the cocktail circuit. He gets arms around the neck from those who have been there the longest, and they tell him the way things really work in D.C.  You gotta go along to get along. Then he notices that the press fawns over him when he rejects the conservative ideals that got  him elected. And he notices that he gets exponentially more publicity when he strays from the conservative positions, or better yet attacks conservative politicians.  (Plaintiff’s Exhibit No. 1: Sen. John McCain.)

NOTHING pisses me off more than pandering ‘publican pussies! Well, maybe killing puppies or child predation.  Okay, and a few other things, but shut up, I’m on roll.  I think I can count on my one hand instances where Republican politicians withstood the liberal onslaught and refused to change once elected.  (Plaintiff’s Exhibit 2: The late, great Sen. Jesse Helms.)

And because nothing hardly anything pisses me off more, hardly anything warms my heart more than Republican politicians standing up for conservative/the correct political positions.  And when they happen within days of one another, I just want to break out singing old Elvis tunes off-key! See Plaintiff’s Exhibits 3 ( Tim Pawlenty in his own way telling Iowans that ethanol subsidies are the most ignorant fucking idea since Al Gore invented the internet) and 4 (Paul Ryan in his own way telling David Gregory to fuck himself and his asinine questions about Medicare).

Folks, this is UNHEARD OF, at least since The Days When St. Ronald Roamed This Earth! You don’t go to Iowa–site of first primary, unfortunately–and speak truth to power.  In celebration, I give a photo of a damsel most fair, below the line, as some of you pussies actually work for a living and these picts might be considered NSFW by your faggot ass bosses. Viva Rule 5 (sung to the Elvis version of Viva Las Vegas!) 

My newest girl friend


My last girl friend


My NEXT girlfriend


And the one after that (if she plays her cards right)


And this one, just because I am happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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