Very Practical Approach to the End of the World (Tomorrow)

Smith is the son of an Anchorage Police Department officer and chaplain. He has a rosary tattooed on his forearm. He was raised for a while in a charismatic Christian church. Now he goes to ChangePoint. Spending eight hours a day in the rapturemobile has given him some time to contemplate end times. Christ will come to Earth eventually, he believes, but probably not in his or his children’s lifetimes.

“If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t,” he said. “I believe in things that pan out. I don’t believe it’s gonna happen on the 21st. Heck, I get paid on the 20th.”

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3 responses to “Very Practical Approach to the End of the World (Tomorrow)

  1. “No man will know the day or time.” Hey, I got a 10:10 tee time at Smokey Mountain Country Club Sunday morning. 😉


  2. What better way to greet the Lord’s return than just after leaving the 18th green. Well, maybe if he waited a few more minutes for you to have a cold brew in the 19th hole. Hit ’em straight and long my friend.

  3. They said The Rapture was going to happen on the west coast before the east coast. Man, I believe it now. I got sucked out of my cheap, flea ridden motel, and now I’m floating through space. I hear music, I see angels. I just SAW ELVIS. OMG. This is so cool. You guys just have to experience this. Coming soon, to an east coast site near you.

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